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Hey, all. I just tuned in to VH1's 100 Greatest Songs of the 90s (airing right now for the first time), and caught a quick comment from JoCo during #98, EMF's Unbelievable. I very nearly choked to death on my iced tea when I did, but that's beside the point.

And I don't really know how to end this post, but make sure that you tune in every night this week, as there's going to be an hour of the show every night this week.


  • Yeah, Same here. Im hoping he pops up again, Im gana Put down WoW for a while so I can pay attintion. Also hope he becomes a reg. On I love the (enter years here) series xD
  • JoCo on VH1! Why has he kept this quite? This is huge!
  • So, he's a commentator of some kind, or they actually played his music on VH1?
  • The former, I believe.
  • yeah, I think he is one of those guest celebrities that they have talk about the music.
  • Yeah, he's just been commentating so far.

    But it's a countdown of the best songs of the 90s. And Baby Got Back did come out in 1992...
  • Yeah, Its in the opening. So odds are its gana be some where in there. Probable in the 40-20 hour.
  • It is true, they do usually have people on whos songs they are going to play. I recon they are going to play a clip from his cover when they get to Baby Got Back.
    You recon if I put Coulton in to my Tivo it will pick up programs like this? I'm thinking he's not famous enough to get credited, especially in the UK listings.
  • I bet you can view at least portions of the show on the VH1 website.
  • jinx: You can pretty much watch the whole shebang on the web site, if you have the patience. It's all clipped apart and filled with ads. I tried watching EMF's Unbelievable, but the commentary had been clipped off, leaving just the video. :-(
  • Coulton needs to get some *real* music videos (you know, ones with his face in them) so that he can be played on VH1 and the like for real.
  • I watched the second and third installment and no JoCo! His comments in the first hour have been mostly one liners and cropped really short. I'm holding out hope for the next two. Baby's Got Back has to be coming up anytime.

    Having said that, I've been really enjoying the stupid show. I just wish I could see the whole video of some of these forgotten treasures. I guess that is why we have YouTube.
  • Spiff, I dream of those videos every night. (Maybe a bit of exageration, but it's not far off)
  • Spiff, didn't Dire Straits have a computer-generated video for "Money for Nothing"? Man, something like that would be great!

  • jesss: You can watch all the videos, sans commentary, on the VH1 web site.
  • Hey, thanks Colleenky! I may just have to do that. I did look to see if I could find anything about the celebrity commentators but didn't even notice videos.
  • mtgordon: I've made JC thirteen computer-generated videos for his songs so far. But I'm talking about one where he's jumping around on the stage like a rock star so people can see his face. I've asked him about it and he says he'll probably get around to it someday, but for now why bother -- he's got people like me doing all the work.
  • Wow, is it thirteen already? I guess it is.

    I guess I'm having trouble picturing JC jumping around on the stage like a rock star, but I'm probably picturing a video of "Soft Rocked By Me."

    I've considered doing computer animation with a custom JC-like character, not machinima. In my mind's eye, he's wearing his coonskin cap. I'm not convinced I'll ever get around to it, though.
  • His TAW album covers are so great, he could totally do something like that. We need to get Spike Jonez or Michel Gondry to fall in love with JoCo's music and do something that even commercial sources can't ignore.

    I guess that there might be WOW problems with releasing Spiff's The Future Soon or another video on television?
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    So, like, somebody recorded this and is going to put all the JoCo spots together for the rest of us. Right?

    (just tuning in since it's been, like, the holidays and all...hope it was happy for all of you!)
  • BTW, Spiff... your WoW videos are awesome. I just wanted to take the opportunity to say that. You did a great job!
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    I already erased them from my DVR but they were pretty sparse. A couple of one liners but nothing earth shattering. Also NOTHING about Baby Got Back, which I was convinced was the reason that they had him on at all.

    I don't think he appears at all except in the first hour of the show.
  • Still.. The fact that he was on there at all is pretty awesome.
  • did they have him as "Jonathan Coulton - Internet Troubadour"?
  • that would have been fricking brilliant, if so.
  • OMG, I saw it too! I was at my parents house for Christmas and they were close to the top of the charts and I was like WHAWHAWHAT?!? not sure if I saw it right or was just imagining it!

    And for as much as I totally enoyed it, OMG, that show makes me feel so OLD. The fact that they're talking about the best songs from the time that I grew of musical age and was a teen.

    No longer can I call myself young when VH-1 starts doing specials on the decade.

  • You think you feel old. I have trouble remembering the 90's are over half the time! I was surprised at how many songs I remembered as 80's were really in the 90's (MC Hammer, for example)
  • What, you mean the 80's are over? Why didn't somebody tell me!
  • i almost died of excitement when I saw JoCo on there... this is my first time watching it, and i didnt know he was gonna be there! (have been keeping up with the forums over xmas)

    Yay! :)
  • i almost died of excitement when I saw JoCo on there.
    My goodness! That can't be good. I'm forwarding you some Calminex; people dying from JoCo appearances can't be good publicity.
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    people dying from JoCo appearances can't be good publicity
    You know what they say, 'Any publicity is good publicity'
    Although, I think we can get JoCo better known by not letting people dying type publicty.
  • That would be a shocking waste of the fan base if people started dying from JoCo for publicity. ;)
  • Well, unless they really did resurrect as zombies, I suppose.

    Perhaps Coulton's obsession with Zombies isn't so much a geek thing as it is a fanbase propagation technique.
  • Oooh. And the monkeys? Fanbase evolutionary approach?
  • Ha! Quite possibly!
  • He had a one line comment at # 20, which is MMMBop by Hanson. He said something like, "Hanson are grown up? Man, I feel old."
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    Damn, it's like the 5th time I miss some part of a VH1 countdown. First I didn't see "Pac-Man Fever" on the 80's One Hit Wonders, but how did I miss this?!
    Crappy VH1 website, they don't show videos outside the US...
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