• Before you do, Clinger, I should admit that the fifth and sixth wall gag was shamelessly stolen from the commentary track from the DVD of the Soderbergh film Schizopolis. JoCo as Kool-Aid Man is all mine, though : )
  • Not really a mondegreen, but I just listened to A Laptop Like You for the 60th time and only just realised that there is no line 'I could make a sacrifice or two for a laptop like you'. I am sure I'd heard that line before. I know there's 'I could overlook a fault or two...' but I thought there was also a 'sacrifice or two' line in there. I had to search the lyrics to make sure there wasn't. I'm making a video for this song (but sshhh, it's a secret), and have listened to the song very carefully many times in order to figure out what to do for each part, and yet, I've spent a fair bit of time pondering what to do for that line which isn't even in the song. I'm glad it isn't, it would have been the worst part of the video.
  • It took me a long time to get the joke behind "W's Duty," which is a sort of intentional mondegreen.
  • As someone whose accent exhibits yod-coalescence rather than yod-dropping ('duty' is pronounced 'juty', and only 'doody' is pronounced 'doody'), I got that joke pretty quickly.

    (Yay! I succeeded in thread necromancy by proxy!)
  • (I picked up on your hint and came up with an excuse to bump this thread.)
  • Oh, this is not a JoCo song, but it's JoCo-related. Up until the last night of JoCo Cruise Crazy, when they played I'm On A Boat just before each concert, I thought the first line was 'Get your cameras ready…' rather than 'Get your towels ready…' so, grateful for the reminder, I got my camera ready and started filming before the show started. At first I thought this line might be something separate from the actual song, specifically added for the pre-concert thing, since I'd mainly only heard parodies of the song at that point.
  • Bumping this one 'cause there is something I just had to share.

    Us:(All sat around last night eating tea with JoCo playing in the background) Om nom nom
    Daughter: What's Cold Cheese mean?
    Us: WTF?
    D: Cold Cheese why did he say that?
    Us: Explain?
    D: Cold Cheese, Original Gamer...
    Us: Wetting ourselves.

    Best mondegreen ever IMHO.
  • What... song is that even from? Cold chee... I can't even think which lyrics that is mishearing? xD
  • I was wondering that too, and found a MC Frontalot song with JoCo in it that goes 'O.G. Original Gamer'. :)
  • Yeah can't remember what album its from, we had it on random and it came up. My night was instantly made.
  • Speaking of "I'm On a Boat" - until I got my new earbuds, I kept thinking that T-Payne was saying "Believe me when I say.... I'm [NOT] a Mermaid"  What he actually said instead of NOT rhymes with mucked.
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    @Angelastic & @St_Trousers It's from "O.G Original Gamer" by M.C. Lars, which the Front and JoCo were collaborators upon.
  • I now have "I'm on a Boat" stuck in my head.
  • I've mentioned this one elsewhere, but never got around to posting it in the proper thread.  I didn't realize I was mishearing "Over There" until JCCC2 karaoke.  Even in that song, I thought it was a bit weird that the Belgians were tolerantly watching you eat mayonnaise with your feet (actually "frites", which is at least 2% less disgusting a use for mayo).
  • "Ladies, please; there's room for everyone who wants a ride; no one has denied The Stache!"
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    Not a JoCo one, but I heard a college girl singing it today and almost choked on my coffee:

    "This is the drowning of the age-old aquarium, the age-old aquarium, a-qua-ri-um...."
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