Is this forum dead?

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Haven't seen a new posting for months. Where has the community gone?


  • Good question! I check in once in a while just to see, but....  It seems to be dead.

    There aren't even cruise-related threads here anymore. Maybe everyone went to a Facebook group or something?
  • There is a forum for the cruise as well, so I guess people just forget about this forum. I'm only here because someone just mentioned they couldn't post, so I'm testing it. Hello!
  • at least they changed the URL back from oldgarbage...
  • also I was mostly interested in discussions of live performances and he hasn't toured (on land...on his own (not just opening)) in a while. so nothing much to discuss.
  • He has toured the UK with Aimee Mann, and my test before was because a fan who wanted to post a review of a show here was unable to log in. 

    I did see one of the UK shows. It was kind of weird because a lot of the audience was there to see Aimee, so they laughed at things we are used to, and didn't do the audience participation stuff we often do, and Jonathan was wearing a suit like some kind of professional. But it was still a fun show, obviously! I recorded video (not great quality as I was far from the stage), which I'm not sure I'm allowed to put up since it was an Aimee Mann show.
  • Still here. Waiting for a land tour I suppose. Also maybe because it's like Sodom and long as ten people still post they will keep the forum open.
  • I stopped in to see if JoCo is doing any shows...anywhere...nope.  I really miss the old days in here, but I guess it was what, 10 years ago?  I know that is when I posted after a 3 week absence due to mono, after I  managed to escape Walter Reed :).
    I am still in touch with friends I met here though- Dave Leigh, who is now running Spintunes, an on line song writing competition I like participating in, and occasionally I hear from Joe Lamb who I also met here.  

    Good times back then, but I guess everything fades after a while!  Meanwhile- I have a "Gratitune" to write for the next song challenge. Check Out Spintunes to hear it and others!

  • Hey there JoAnn, I miss the "old days" here too, so I check in occasionally. But I agree those times are gone and probably not coming back, unless JoCo starts posting new songs here every week for free.... Hey, there's an idea!

    I looked back and my first thread in the forum was in April 2008. Ten years is a long time!
  • His land tours seem to be only opening for other bands lately. But with the new album maybe he'll tour again.

    Also hopefully people are realizing that facebook (and most social media) is bad for you and come back to the safety of this forum.
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