Challenge coin

So, what did everyone do with their challenge coin from Soild State?  Mine went into a drawer along with my Scott Pilgrim coins.  I suppose in the traditional sense you're supposed to carry it with you at all times.  If I carried all my coins with me I'd need to wear another belt. 

Not that the coin is not neat, it's just not very useful.  The other things in the Solid State package all had various uses.  CD = listen.  Book = read.  T-shirt = wear.  USB card = way to spend 30 minutes trying to figure out how to open it without breaking it.


  • Other uses for usb card - use stem files for creating home made karaoke, find bonus songs, use qr code to find another bonus song...

    Anything else?


  • I guess it's been long enough to not spoil things...I found Waiting For You on the website. What's the other bonus song(s)? Are they (is it) on the USB card directly?
  • There's a Bonus Tracks folder there on the USB, yes.

  • Now if I could only remember what drawer the USB card is hiding in...
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