Need custom art for cruise stuff?

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It seems like every year I get to do a little something for someone's project so a bit of me gets to go along with y'all! I feel like now is a good time to remind folks that if they've got ideas, planning and budgeting and getting things made should start soonish! Once you get a month or two out you might have other things to worry about!

Once the whole-boat plan was announced, the #NerdNavy nickname popped up and I love it. I wish I could design uniforms!

General JoCo inspired things I've created in case you want something on theme but don't have project plans: Fabric One, Two, Three. And maybe these would be a good start on some fancy pants. I may have other relevant things, if you're curious ask here so I can post stuff for folks to see :3

So anyway, I am available, flexible, and eager to help! If you want to commission anything, you can tweet me, e-mail me (jade dot gordon at gmail) or message or Tumblr ask or whatever. I am all over the internets! And spending too much time hanging around Ball Pits.

And if I'm not your style, that's fine! But it's still a good time to get going on stuff you'll want artists to help with!


  • Bumping! I'm gonna close this deadline around the first week of Jan.! The good news is that I have nothing else planned right now and I won't be traveling during the holidays, so I have lots of time right now!
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    Cannot make it on the cruise because I must remain in touch with the real world and the Internet and operate my family's small businesses. (Also have compunctions about the business practices and ethics of the cruise ship industry). Would be interested in commissioning a "Land Pony" logo for those of us who are not cruising but are nonetheless part of the community!
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