BOOTLEG DOWNLOAD- JoCo + PS&ML - Live at the Triple Door [04/08/16]- 7+10pm (SBD+AUD) [FIXED AUDIO]

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NOTE: The audio files in the original download were mistakenly downsampled from 44.1kHz (standard CD quality) to 22.05kHz (half of that!) in the conversion process. The files have now been fixed and re-uploaded. Please re-download the new files - you should notice a difference.

Jonathan Coulton, Paul and Storm, & Molly Lewis
The Triple Door in Seattle, WA
April 8, 2016

Soundboard+Audience> Zoom H4n Handy Recorder> Audacity> dBpoweramp

Paul and Storm & Molly Lewis, Show 1 at 7pm:


Jonathan Coulton, Show 1 at 7pm:


Paul and Storm & Molly Lewis, Show 2 at 10pm:


Jonathan Coulton, Show 2 at 10pm:


* features a portion of "Jessie's Girl" by Rick Springfield
^ features a portion of "Walking on Sunshine" by Katrina and the Waves

Notes: Fun show - nice to see JoCo again after almost four years (and with Paul and Storm again after almost seven). Thanks again to them for letting me me record the show as usual.

Uploaded for the JoCo Forums April 22, 2016

Recorded, Mixed, and Prepared by fireworksordie / fireworksordie[at]

DOWNLOADS [UPDATED 5/13 to fix sample rate]:
Paul and Storm & Molly Lewis, Show 1 at 7pm: FLAC, MP3
Jonathan Coulton, Show 1 at 7pm: FLAC, MP3
Paul and Storm & Molly Lewis, Show 2 at 10pm: FLAC, MP3
Jonathan Coulton, Show 2 at 10pm: FLAC, MP3

There were so many files to edit and export and tag and so many details to note and so many things to upload, so somewhere along the way something probably got messed up. Also this post was so long that I had to put the tracklists in images, ha. Please let me know if you find any issues. No embedded artwork this time because honestly getting all this organized was enough already. Make your own and share it!


  • Awesome!  Thanks so much.  As someone who tapes shows as well...I know what a giant pain in the ass it is to get these things processed and uploaded.  It's a dying art!  Extra thanks for the flac versions.  Also this was a very fast turn around...I've sat on shows for years before.
  • Woo! Thanks for this :)
  • You're a hero!  Sounds great, as always.
  • Yay, thanks!
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    holy cow everyone, i just realized dBpoweramp had it set to resample everything to 22K. i'm gonna work on re-converting and re-tagging (hopefully i can find a program to just copy the tags over). when i re-upload i highly recommend everyone download the new versions...

    EDIT: the new files have been uploaded and the links updated. thank god for mp3tag's copy/paste tag feature. please download the fixed versions!
  • Wow! Twice the music!

    Thanks Thanks!
  • Thanks so much for taking the time to fix and re-upload.  Great stuff!
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