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I do not have a Facebook account (and really don't want one) but it seems like all the cruise stuff is really over on Facebook now so would I be let in to the Facebook group if I set up a dummy account solely for the purpose of not missing out cruiseplanning activities?


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    Yup, that would be fine!  We grant approval for any account that is A) human and B) not suspicious of any nefarious purposes.  Basically, no spam bots.  You are either not a spam bot or an exceptionally clever spam bot.  You're good :)

    At worst, you will be required to answer a private message from one of the admins.  If you want to post or message me the name of your dummy account, I can expedite the process.
  • I think this is an increasingly common pattern: a non-FB person needs an account for [some group]. Where I live, most of the cycling community is there, so bike event coordination is all there. I know a bunch of people who exist only as pseudonymous, bike-group-only accounts on Facebook.
  • @Thalandor46 I've sent you a message with the info.  Thanks.

    @chetman I'm glad it's not just me!
  • Not at all just you! I'm another Facebook skeptic who's got an account purely because of cruise-related #FOMO. I can say it's worth it to me -- cruise-specific discussion has more or less consolidated itself there, and the group is a good place to hear about activities and planning (plus of course @Kate and @Thalandor46 do a great job modding :) ).

    That said, I'd been under the impression that there was a lot going on that I was missing, while it turns out it's not a very high-volume group most of the year, so it's not too overwhelming. I tend to poke my nose in every couple months or so.

    (Of course, I find Facebook to be a pretty mediocre platform for actually getting things planned -- not the mods' fault, of course, just that it's designed as a streaming feed for chatter, not ideal for ongoing discussions over the course of weeks or months.)
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    As a Sea Monkey who is intentionally Faceless, I would support moving the community to a platform that did not spy on, track, hack, and otherwise turn users into a commodity.
  • I don't use facebook either (a multitude of reasons...mostly covered by Brett) so I'd love to see it moved too.  I think the biggest issue is that facebook is not under JoCo's control.  It's not his website, or his forum.  It's a third-party with no interest in JoCo's fans (other than to mine them for marketing purposes).  All the cruise community "data" (the discussions, the comments, pictures, whatever else has been created inside facebook) could be removed at any moment on facebook's whim.  Just poof...gone.  There doesn't have to be a good reason, or any reason.  Just if facebook feels like shutting it down or removing some content, or rearranging the content...they can do that.  Having the cruise community under a JoCo owned platform prevents that and makes sure the content will survive and stays accessible to his fans.  I don't know what specific platform makes sense...but whatever it is should be run from servers under the JoCo flag with JoCo admins at the helm.
  • My company has an agreement with Facebook that all Facebook chatter related to my employer is sent to their social media control center, no matter the privacy settings.

    I do not have a Facebook account.  Everything on Facebook is for sale, and is no longer your property once housed on their servers.
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