JCC7 roommate

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I posted this also on the JCC7 roommate listserv. I'm posting it here assuming many people don't know about the listserv.

It seemed to work out well for JCC5, so I'm going to try to find another Sea Monkey to be roommates with for JCC7.
I am trying to find a roommate before the mid May no-cancel-fee deadline approaches. If I fail to do that, I'm simply going to downgrade myself to single occupancy and pay the extra cost.

Cabin type: Interior L
Open spots: 1 (2 people total)
Applied discounts: returning monkey, early booking, 10% paid in full

If you're interested, reply, and we can discuss it further.



  • I sent you a PM mike - are you still looking for roomie? I'm looking at the budget and realizing I can afford half an interior room...
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