JoCo & P&S - April 8 at the Triple Door in Seattle, WA (double header!)

Hey everyone- long time no log in! I'm flying out from Chicago to hit both of these shows, and I just sent JC&P&S the usual email to get the recording confirmation. It's been almost 4 years since my last show and almost 7 since my last acoustic+P&S show, so I'm pretty excited. I've also made soundboard recordings of every show I've been to (and even some I haven't!) and I'm looking forward to doing that again and sharing them with everyone.


  • Hey, fireworksordie! I'll be there for at least the first show -- we should meet up! Are you up to anything else while you're in town?
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    Sure!  It actually worked out quite nicely- I'm flying out on Wednesday and staying with some friends from college (who will also be attending their first show - the 7pm show). And for the first few days I'm there one of my friends from the new defunct band The Lonely Forest is mixing and mastering his new album, so I'll be able to sit in on that, and then also see some other friends and just generally enjoy the city. Seattle is my favorite city. Someday I'll move out there!
  • Wish we could make it to one of those shows -- JoCo hasn't performed within 1000 miles of our city since 2012. But we'll send some friends.
  • great thanks!  advance pretty please with cherry on top request for flac files.
  • Just got confirmation from Scarface and the Triple Door- will be recording both shows (SBD+AUD matrix as usual). Should be a good time! And I will definitely provide FLACs - I don't remember if I posted FLACs for my old shows but I know I still have them, so maybe I'll do that when I post these. Fingers crossed all goes well!
  • Yay! Excellent audio in the offing! Now I don't have to try not to laugh too loudly for fear of ruining tabletop video capture that I usually rip for concert audio.
  • @elliomeg- if you record the show in video we could sync them up :)
  • If you're looking for me, I expect I'll be the only fella dumb enough to be wearing a suit on a beautiful warm Seattle day. I should be at both shows, if all goes well!
  • How did the recording turn out, (he asked, hopefully) .... ?
  • it turned out great! sorry for the delay, i meant to have it up sooner but had a busy week at work, and there's so much to split and organize and tag and convert that i've been putting it off a bit. i'll see if i can have it up tomorrow, or at least within the next few days.
  • Thank you for recording it! We were on our way to Idaho to see a musical which included some of the same songs and some very funny and geeky jokes.
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