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Any ideas when we might see another album?

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  • Given that we heard tracks on last year's boat, I'm surprised we haven't heard anything about it yet.  Crossing my fingers that we'll know more by the time we get back.
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    Y'ALL. There's new music. And it's so good!

    JoCo says the new album is written! Not clear what stage it's at (don't know if it's being recorded or produced yet), but fingers crossed it should be out Soon(TM).

    Stealing @Thalandor46 's links to the newly premiered songs because I have those links handy:

    I'm so excited. I'm not even sure which of the four I'm most obsessed with right now. Please help me JoCopedia everything about all of them -- see for how much I've gotten so far.

    I sorta want to ramble about all of them. It's been a while since I've rambled here, but if you remember me, you know that there are a lot of things I'm kinda a geek about, but I am a ridiculous superfan about all things Jonathan Coulton music, and these new ones are so well done.

    Go listen go listen go listen go listen go listen! And then come back and talk about it. God, so good.

  • These are interesting! Cryptic, dark, sometimes snarky. Do I detect the influence of Aimee Mann?
  • JoCo and Aimee Mann did co-write a song! It's called "Rollercoasters", and they played it for us. Someone hopefully will have a recording. I don't remember where it's going -- did they tell us whether it's going to be on his next album?
  • I was under the impression that it was an Aimee with JoCo song, not a JoCo with Aimee song.  But I don't remember the exact wording so I could be wrong.
  • I also had the impression that it was an Aimee Mann song that would be on Aimee's next solo album. I also think that might have been at a concert we're not allowed to share publicly (The Both After Dark) though maybe it wasn't.
  • If I recall correctly, they bantered about how Aimee Mann felt bad that she was taking over "his" show for a song that, although they'd co-written, she was singing the lead for. But I might have the details slightly off. I wouldn't be surprised if you're right that it's going on her album, not his.
  • All This Time from Solid State is on Spotify for your listening pleasure.
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    The tracklist for Solid State is on Amazon.

    Here's All This Time on YouTube:

    Edit: Spotify and YouTube are not allowing the song to be available in all countries.
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    Solid State is also on iTunes.
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    Anybody want to wager what the url for Solid State's website could be? Could it be possible now to have a custom extension like solidstate.joco? The obvious choice has yet to yield any answers.

    Update: the website is live!
  • Oh cool, new album.

    Feeling a The Postal Service vibe from All This Time.
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    Just wondering: Did JoCo ask Ray Kurzweil before giving his name to an AI run amok (something which Kurzweil predicted)? Or did he just go ahead and do it?
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