JoCo April 7, Portland OR - Aladdin Theater

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Really psyched.  I was listening to my "Jonathan Coulton Radio" Pandora station this morning - a vacation day - and decided to see if he had any shows scheduled anywhere I could visit. Lo and behold one in my home SMSA!  With Paul&Storm.  This is going to be great.


  • If you love Joco and happen to be in Boise, Id. April 1st, 2nd, 8th or 9th, come see the new Broadway style sci-fi comedy musical based on 18 of his songs!
  • If you miss the old-school acoustic shows, with plenty of long-winded stories, song explanations and witty banter with Paul and Storm, then this was the show for you.  Plenty of hilarity and JoCo sounded great, despite having a cold.  

    It was their first time in Portland since 2012, and it made for an interesting crowd. You could tell there were a lot of new fans, and it was fun to hear laughter at some old favorites which people were clearly not familiar with (Millionaire Girlfriend seemed to be a particular hit).

    Set List:

    Artificial Heart
    Millionaire Girlfriend
    Code Monkey
    Je Suis Rick Springfield

    Make You Cry (Paul & Storm)
    Birdhouse In Your Soul (Paul & Storm)
    Space Doggity (Paul & Storm)
    Big Bad World One (Paul & Storm)

    I Crush Everything
    The Future Soon
    Skullcrusher Mountain
    You Ruined Everything
    Re: Your Brains

    Still Alive
    I Feel Fantastic (Paul & Storm)

  • Awesome! None of the new ones, it looks like? That's a shame, if that's what tonight's setlist is going to look like -- was looking forward to a @fireworksordie soundboard recording of them...

    Man, does Jonathan like "Je Suis Rick Springfield". I don't blame him, but it's always sorta funny to watch the audience when he kicks into that one. That and "Make You Cry" are the "wait, he played that?" songs out of this set, although I'm excited to hear them do "Make You Cry" together again.
  • Nope, none of the new ones.  In fact, he didn't even mention the new songs/album, for whatever reason.  It surprised me too.  Maybe he's saving them for tonight?
  • Nope, pretty similar setlists tonight as well, turns out (,_WA:_2016-04-08 ). Only noteworthy differences were that with Molly around, he did "...Arsonist" as a duet with her and "Always the Moon" with her and P&S. (Also, "Christmas Is Interesting" made an out-of-season appearance in the late show.)

    Hopefully things are going well with the new album. I don't figure he needs any more pressure from me about it, but I really love the new ones I've heard so far. (I should e-mail him and tell him so.)
  • Thanks for posting the video!
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