Family-Friendly Dining area

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Family types! I received confirmation today from THO that there will
be a section of the dining room reserved as "Family Friendly". It is
not REQUIRED that families sit there, nor is it ONLY for families, it's
open to anyone who wants to sit in that area of the dining room, but
with the understanding that it is a little more welcoming to the minions :)

The goal was to have a place for people who are bringing minions along to be able to sit together if they want
and maybe feel a little more relaxed about dining, being with other
people who understand the struggles of dining with a smaller child (and
let some of the older kids sit together with parents nearby to help)

When you enter the Leonardo dining room on the 3rd floor, turn
immediately to your RIGHT and go to the back corner. I am planning to
make a sign too. It is on the right side of the dining room from where
you enter, but the PORT side of the ship.

So many thanks to THO who made this section a reality!

From Bob on the facebook group:  While
not really "reserved" (Sapphiremind note: reserved as in truly fixed seeating), we are suggesting that families with younger
children who need assistance or supervision at dinner head there first
if there are younglings that want to eat with their friends, and we're
asking that others withou
t children
allow space for that. There should be plenty of seating in that area for
children and their parents that want to use it, and plenty of seating
elsewhere for everyone else.

also rearranged some of the Fixed Dinner Seating positions to ensure
that nobody was "stuck" in or immediately adjacent to that section to
make sure that we didn't accidentally seat someone there that wouldn't
enjoy the experience. :)


  • Thanks for arranging this.  We typically just eat in the Windjammer, but we might try the MDR one night just to check this out.

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