Twit-Arr and CruiseMonkey 2016

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I thought I'd start a new thread for discussing the new versions of Twit-Arr and CruiseMonkey for this year. I'm preparing the first beta of CM right now and things are looking pretty nice.

Create an Account

The Twit-Arr server for CruiseMonkey testing is a fresh install without any users. Please create a new user before trying CruiseMonkey.

Testing In Your Browser

Open your browser to CruiseMonkey on the Twit-Arr server.

Testing on Android

All you should have to do is sign up for the Android beta on the Google Play store and install CruiseMonkey. As soon as new betas are available, they should show as an update just like any other.

Testing on iOS

  1. Send me the e-mail address associated with your Apple ID (ie, the e-mail address you use for iCloud and the iTunes store) and I will add you as a tester. Apple now accepts as many as 2000 testers, so there should be no limits on testing as far as we are concerned. :)

  2. Install TestFlight from the App Store. This will notify you when new versions of CruiseMonkey are available and provide a download so you can update your device.

Reporting Bugs, Building CruiseMonkey, Other Things

To report a bug or enhancement request, please go to the CruiseMonkey issue tracker.

For more details on CruiseMonkey, Twit-Arr, building from source, or anything else, please see the README at GitHub.

Now that CruiseMonkey is in a beta state, I will be keeping the change log up-to-date. For details on what changes between beta releases, please see the CHANGELOG at GitHub.

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