new extra firm mattresses on Freedom

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Quick heads up to let those Sea Monkeys who like soft beds know that there's a thread on cruisecritic re the new beds on the Freedom of the Seas being as hard as a rock.


  • Alas, that's the cruise ship industry for you! Whatever saves them a dime.

    Might have to pack your own foam topper.
  • I read that too. I'm already rearranging my luggage to bring a topper.
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    So things to bring: air mattress for the balcony, mattress topper, fishing pole, hibachi grill...  What have I left off the list?

    /yes, this might be a trolling list for those long-time members of the RCI Cruise Critic Board.
    /yes, those are all REAL threads that have happened on CC's RCI board.
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