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With the reminder from THO about fixed seating, I'm going to be
requesting the fixed seating for the children. If you are bringing
children/Minions aboard and would be interested perhaps in spending time
with other minions or monkey parents, please fill out this form.

There is always the kids clubs that the cruise offers too, but my
feeling is that if they are paying JoCo cruisers, then they should be
doing JoCo-y things :) They can do normal cruise stuff when we're on a normal cruise ;)  

Right now we look like we have a couple of good groups - there's going
to be ~8 teenagers, 15 younger monkeys, and a sprinkling of tweens too.


  • We're bringing our (very active) toddler, but we're going to be primarily patronizing the Windjammer, rather than the MDR.
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