JCCC6, ground shuttles & space shuttles

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Howdy, folks!

My wife and I are excited to be going on our first JoCo Cruise soon. We've got our flight, our hotel, our cruise package, and we've signed up for the NASA excursion on the final day. And that leads me to my question...

So, the NASA excursion picks you up from the cruise and drops you off at the airport. How should I handle transport from (Orlando) hotel out to the ship then? We're at the overflow hotel, so we could still pick up the official shuttle. But that seems organized as a round-trip, and we don't want to cause issues if we only need a shuttle one-way.

Anyone else in this situation? Ideas? I appreciate the help.


  • I'm in this situation too but I talked to the official shuttle and booked a one way trip with the group anyway. I figured it was reasonable anyway (even though it is the same price for one way as it would be for round trip). 
  • They said that the trip is discounted so much anyway that they're unwilling to cut the price further for a 1-way trip, but it's no problem if you only take the shuttle one way.
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