JCC6 and the Undersea Monkeys

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Hey Scuba Certified Sea Monkeys, having looked at the current RCI Scuba Excursions, I am pretty sure there will be scuba dives at every stop though the one in St. Thomas is find-able only OUTSIDE of reservations currently, which is weird.

1 Tank at Co-Co Cay
2 Tank at St Thomas
2 Tank at St Maartan

Like everyone, I am waiting for THO to announce the JoCo exclusive excursions since there is likely to be at least one scuba dive.

Are there others interested in diving with the exclusive JoCo excursion or at any of the other sites with or without the ship? 


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    I think Erik and I will be skipping Co-Co Cay. The diving wasn't that great 3 years ago, and the current out past the barrier was brutal enough at the surface that they towed us in via jet ski.

    I WOULD like to dive St. Thomas and St. Martin. Just waiting to see where the JCC exclusive dive will be. If it ends up being St Martin, I may skip and book outside the ship because I've gone out with the Ship one twice and I'd like to try diving the other side of the island in the hopes of less rough seas.

    Also, do people have a preference for planning here at the forums on on Facebook?
  • I think we will be skipping any diving at Coco Kay, too.

    We would also like to dive both of the other stops. Kelly just got certified and is excited about all of the diving. We're actually planning on hitting Dutch Springs in two weeks, and maybe even doing a New Years dive. After the cold-water diving here, the warmth of the Caribbean will be wonderful. :-)

    I've got no preference for diving sites, so I'll go with the ship's excursion or anything someone else plans. I say it that way just because I've got too much going on right now to try and take on the research to do any planning myself.

    Anyway, consider this a +2 to any non-Coco Kay dives that reach consensus. :-) 

    I prefer planning here just because of how quickly threads can get lost over on FB. I guess we could create an UnderSeaMonkey group to maybe make it easier to keep track, but I feel like there's just generally too much noise for the signal.

  • Well, we've had minor changes in plan.

    In St. Thomas, we're going to try for the Sea Lion Swim. I say "try" because only one spot was available, so I got that one, in the hopes that maybe a cancellation will happen that allows us to get another spot. If not... not sure. We may default back to the JoCo Exclusive SCUBA, if it's not over- or under-filled.

    We're also signed up for the JoCo Exclusive SCUBA in St. Maarten. Pending any other options. :-)

  • I'm curious as to how this works.  I used to be a big time diver (closed-circuit, caves, ice, trimix), but now I don't really have much gear anymore.  Do you have to bring a mask and fins?  How do you sign up for these dives?

    It would be fun to hang out with some other divers on the trip.
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