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Several of us agglutinated one late night on JoCoCruise2015. Thought we'd slap a cover slip on and make a more permanent slide of it before JoCoCruise2016. 

We'll make up "policies" as we go along. Initial idea was to consist of medical professionals to get together and swap stories on the cruise. Maybe make John Roderick an honorary member 'cause he seems to be a medicine groupie of sorts. 

Figured we'd start out with clinical medical providers (MD, RN, PA, NP, etc), but invite anyone we want, it's our secret society and we can invite whomever we feel like into our treehouse. 

PM me here or on facebook for entry.

Please note, you do not have to be a CruiseMonkey to join us, all JoCo medical type fans are welcome, but FYI there will likely be a good bit of cruise talk.


  • What about those of us that do research and design medical programs but don't actually hold a license?
  • I've been wrestling with this question. Last year the spontaneous hang out was clinical folks talking about trials and tribulations with patient care. I don't know how interesting this would be for non-clinical peeps, or how comfortable clinical peeps would be talking about certain things in front of non-clinical peeps.

    My brain seems to have 2 diametrically opposed views 1) Silly puppy, just let all who are interested in medical stuff come hang out, 2) it's silly to have everyone join everything. In the latter case, we'd keep the core bitch sessions mainly to clinicians and then have an open hangout at the end where we invite everyone else to join us.

    I'd love for people to weigh in over this snowy weekend. I anticipate I'll just add everyone who asked about it to the private Facebook group by late Sunday night. Pretty sure it's only a dozen people or so.
  • I can see it now: "Yep, the norovirus on this cruise ship really is [BLURK]"
  • /shrug

    I know clinicians get strong feelings about the rest of us, so no worries.
  • Thanks for responding Brett & Katie . Since no one on facebook or here seemed to care one way or another, I've been adding everyone who expressed interest to the "secret" Facebook group. Anyone who wants to join, please post here, in JCCC2016/2017 on Facebook, or messages me in any way (bonus points for carrier pigeon).
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