Code Monkey Movie Musical 2.0 - NaNaWriMo Thread

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Hello there fellow JoCo fans, are you readying your JoCo/Roderick Holiday album like I am?

My name is Aaron J., some of you may know that I wrote and produced a short Jonathan Coulton movie musical a few years ago called Code Monkey. It was a project that really transformed my career path and put me down the road to producing more video content for myself and others. Code Monkey has, by far, been the most rewarding video project I've ever taken part in. The video was released on my YouTube channel and folks generally seem to like it aside from the glaring issue of a few songs missing from the original shooting script.

This year for NaNaWriMo I would like to use my time to write Code Monkey 2.0 - a bigger and better version of the story I told a few years ago. It would be a more complete story, at least 90 minutes long, and exist as a tribute to the man that inspired me to get back into creative works. Also, SO MUCH NEW AMAZING MUSIC HAS BEEN RELEASED SINCE CODE MONKEY WAS RELEASED! All of Artificial Heart just wrecks me, and I want to include those songs in the 2.0 version.

If it is allowed in this forum, I would love to post some notes and drafts here so I can get feedback from folks for the month of NaNaWriMo. One of the biggest pillars of NaNaWriMo is sharing work and getting critiques from a group, and sadly I don't have many folks to write with this year! 

If this ask is totally out of line, I understand and can delete this thread. Otherwise, I look forward to getting your feedback if at all possible!


  • I'm no forum moderator or anything but this sounds great to me!
  • PHEW! First day of NaNaWriMo (for me at least...) is done!

    I'm kiiiind of happy with the progress I've made. For the most part I am following my outline, but I think some scenes are running long already, which has led to some editing already. 

    If you've like to see the first 16 pages, download the draft here!
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