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Greetings. The HD on our server crashed while we were doing a backup. We are migrated onto a new machine. Long story.

We have the full up to date DB, but the FS image was a bit older. 

I read on JoCo Cruise Facebook that some data were lost. I am working to get the data back, but it may be a bit.

Please post here if there are other site issues (e.g. I think emails are not working right now... probably other stuff.)


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    Yes. This forum rolled back a week or two and one of JoCo's blog postings disappeared (it's back now).

    BTW, if you are replacing crashed disks I very strongly recommend Sandisk Extreme Pro, Samsung Pro 850, and Samsung Evo 850 SSDs. (I use the Sandisk on misson-critical servers, the Pro 850 on other servers, and the Evo 850 -- the most economical -- on workstations and laptops.) Not one of these has died on me, and the Sandisk, in particular, comes with a 10 year warranty.
  • The only things I know were lost were a forum thread on You Wouldn't know (which was mainly just a few people remarking that it existed; there wasn't much heavy discussion last time I looked) and the You Wouldn't Know wiki page (and lyrics wiki page) which I spent all of five minutes creating.
  • Hi all, thank you for posting! Glad that things were not too heavily interrupted. 

    We're on a VM right now, so hopefully we can avoid needing to pick drives or worrying about failures.
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    If you ever want super-durable, low power, fanless servers of your own (rather than being in the cloud), let me know. I'll build you some at cost. (I have to build and maintain dozens of them for the ISP I operate.)
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