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Are there gaming discussions somewhere that I'm missing, or am I just the first enthusiastic person to post here?  I'm considering running some FATE on the cruise (or playing if someone else was going to run).


  • I don't think you've missed anything, it's just that the cruise is a long ways off. I'd likely play in a Fate game if my schedule permits. (I've also considered making my novice attempts at GMing this fall, and if that goes well running something, but I'll have to see how that goes before I commit myself.)
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    I'm new to gaming, but have played FATE, HERO and traditional D&D campaigns (hubby GM'ed all but FATE system). Just trying to figure out if I could get over being overly introverted and participating with strangers. :-/
  • Hey, basically an ol' D&D and GURPS gamer, wondering if there'll b plenty of that, or should i learn other systems b4 showing up? Always hate 2 b the noob/slow guy. ;)
  • Last year there were a couple good hour or two long sessions of DnD.  Premade characters and DMs that were skilled at running the game and teaching stuff on the fly.
  • I'm going to try to coordinate some "meaty" boardgames for the cruise, for those who like the brain-burnery fare.  I volunteered to do that awhile back but haven't actually done anything yet since it was so far in advance.  I'll be getting on that soon.
  • Is there a google spreadsheet of people bringing various games this year?  I know last year's coordination was pretty solid.
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    Not a Google Spreadsheet but there is a collection setup at Board Game Geek. To quote Jeff Kahan on how we used the collection last year:

    "This can be used to keep track of what games are being brought to the cruise, so we don't have too much overlap or assume somebody else will bring it. The username and password are "jococruisecrazy"

    Once logged in, click on "My Geek" and then "Collection". If you'd like to add a game, select the "Add Game" button towards the top left of the page. If you are bringing the game, leave the "Mark Owned" check box selected. We recommend you put your name/username in the comments so we know who is bringing it. If you are staying at the Jocotel, please mark the game as "pre-ordered" as well. The games marked pre-ordered are ones that will be at the Jocotel.

    If you are hoping a certain game will be brought and it is not on the list, you can add the game in the same manner, uncheck "Mark Owned", and put WTP (Want to Play) in the comments field."

  • It's not on BGG yet, but is anybody planning on bringing Codenames?  I've read good reviews and would like to try it.  If nobody says they're bringing it, I will probably buy a copy and bring it.

  • *listens to crickets*  I've ordered Codenames, and will be bringing it on the cruise.
  • Way to take charge, man! Never heard of it, but I'll be happy to give it a try!
  • I've proposed a Shadow Cruise event, the 31st Annual Ferdinand Marcos Memorial Junta Game. As a result, I will be bringing a few copies of Junta, and probably some other games.
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    Codenames is great - you wont regret having your own copy. I dont have one of my own to bring on the cruise because so many friends have their own copies.
  • Actually, the most fun I had playing a game on JCCC (specifically, JCCC2) was a game of Jenga. The rocking of the ship enhanced the challenge.
  • Does anyone plan on bringing a copy of Legendary? We just watched it on Table Top and thought that having a co-op deck builder on the boat would be fun.
  • We have it and can bring it, but I recommend that anyone who wants to play it gets an app (there are several) to randomize the deck choices. It's possible to set up an impossible game if you don't know how the decks interact (I'm looking at you, villains who require stealth heroes to take them down).
  • Yeah, Codenames is definitely on my list of games to bring, and we'll all benefit from more copies, since it is just the type of thing that seems likely to be in heavy rotation in the game room. I find it interesting that the BGG collection doesn't seem to have had much added (Pneumatic excepted) beyond the additions to the permanent library, though I expect to add some by this weekend or so. 
  • I haven't played Junta in years but I would totally be up for it.

    I'd like to start coordinating which "meaty games" people want to play.  I can only bring a couple with me as they are heavy and take up lots of luggage space so I want to make sure I bring what people want to play (and others can also do the same).

    Meaty to semi-meaty games I have and would be willing to bring if people were interested:
    (Once I decide which I'm bringing I'll add to the BGG list)

    1870 (Trains!)
    2038 (Trains in space!)
    Poseidon (Trains at sea!)
    Iron Dragon (Trains with crayons!)
    Age of Steam (& various expansions - Trains with cubes!)
    Die Macher 
    Reef Encounter (kind of on theme, no?)
    Power Grid 
    Die Burgen von Burgund (aka Castles of Burgundy)

    I will also bring a bunch of card games because they are small!
    Definitely Tichu & Mu, probably San Juan & Balloon Cup and whatever else fits in the bag.

    My roomie says she is bringing Exploding Kittens, Dominion and Monopoly.

    I saw people were interested in Civ and Advanced Civ, I don't have those but I am willing to give them a try if someone else brings them.

    If folks don't have a preference for what I bring, I'll gravitate toward the semi-meaty ones.

    It should be noted that 1870, 2038, and Die Macher are very long (5-10 hrs) and if folks want to play those we should schedule a particular sea day to do so with a fixed start time.  The others range 1.5 -3 hrs for the board games and are a little easier to do as a pick up game.

  • Last year I brought power grid, but it seems that multiple people have the opportunity to bring that one.

    So this year I'm packing up Terra Mystica.  A high quality game to play.
  • Haha!  I traded Terra Mystica away for a copy of Russian Railroads.  Both myself and the friend I traded with think we got the much better deal there :D  But I know a ton of people like Terra Mystica so I have no doubt you'll find folks to play it with!  Do any of the games on my list interest you?  (I have plenty of others, for what it's worth, just wanted to suggest some that either I just really would love to get to the table or I'm very good at teaching).
  • I was thinking it might be a nice idea to set up an RPG meetup on the Shadow Cruise schedule. Maybe on Monday, while we're in CoCoCay, pick a time to meet in Olive or Twist. I've got a few one-shot games I can bring with me, others can bring games that they can run or facilitate, or folks can come just as players. Then, when we see how many people we've got and what games people have, divide into groups. If the experiment is successful, maybe set up more meetup times later in the week.

    Any interest?
  • Is there any chance that my copy of Codenames was accidentally packed up as part of the the JoCoCruise game library?  It seems to have gone missing.  Is there somebody in THO that could check?
  • We checked the inventory, and it doesn't look like we ended up with it. We only packed up games with our own sticker affixed to them.

    Sorry not a better answer,

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