JCC2016 Project: Mugs

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tl;dr - doing the pots thing again (mugs this time) & if you want one, signup here.

I'm a potter, and this year for nerd boat I want to make mugs for ya'll. The mugs will likely have Cap'm JoCo with the 6 fingers, and pirate scrolls above and below for text (probably 7 chars max each). They will likely be straight cylinders with handles, some variation, and 5-6" tall.

Also, as usual, I will not be taking any money for these pots. They are free to you all! However I will guilt you into donating to The Fishing Cat Fund that is run by my wife. It's to save fishing cats (a real thing, I swear) and aid in research. You know, science stuff. Suggested donation is $30USD, but whatever you can whatever.

If you're interested, give me your info in the doc above or via email. And yes, I'm trying to get a jump on things, cuz that deadline creeps up on me. Let me know if you're interested, and thanks!


  • Sasq, I like the idea. And anything to save the catfish! Mmm, fritters. We get to pick the 7 characters? "JOCOROX"?
  • You can probably fit up to 10 characters on each banner. Below are the glaze choices I've found are easiest and look the best. The middle mug is most like what the final text will look like (the others were tests of the lettering). If you're interested, check out the google doc in the 1st post, and email me your selections at liquidsasquatch at gmail. Thanks!

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