JCCC6 Roommate Thread

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Are you a group in need of someone to fill out your room space for JCCC6? Are you a singleton who doesn't want to room alone, and wants to make new friends? Either way, this is the thread for you!


  • Okay, so I figured this was probably the best way to get the ball rolling on this.

    Hi, Im Kendra, and I am a 25 year old from Chicago. I am looking to room with someone else, in a lower tier room (G or lower). So if anybody out there needs a second, third, or fourth, I'm available. I don't have any objections to going co-ed. This will be my first time with JCCC, so according to the wiki I'm a... Pre-monkey?

    My email is [email protected]
  • Hi Kendra and anyone else seeking a cabin-mate. I'm Jill, 52 year old from the Portland (Oregon) area. This will be my fourth JCC. Non-smoker, reasonably tidy. I've had a balcony room the last two years, but am amenable for anything cabin tier at E3 or below. I'm willing to try for more than two to a standard cabin, but from past experience, I'm not sure how well three or four people's stuff will fit - two women can fill the closet and drawers pretty easily! 
  • Well, Jill, I'm willing to go in on a G tier room with you if you are. I just know that I can't afford more than that, especially since the balcony rooms can only hold two. But, if it helps, I tend to live out of my suitcase when I go travelling, so there's more drawer space for others if necessary!
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    EDITED: thanks so much for the interest (and Angela for the
    endorsement!) but a friend has expressed possible interest in coming, so
    I'm going to keep my extra berth clear for her for the time being. I
    may be back later though!

    Excited to see you all in 10 short months! :D

    I've booked my own interior cabin and while I'm happy to luxuriate in the space, I'm also happy to save some dough by merging with the right roomie. Sounds like Jill and Kendra have found each other, but if anyone else is looking for a share, let me know and we can chat!

    [email protected] or Sam Mills on Facebook (I should be the only one by that name in the JCCC6 group).

  • I can vouch for @saaam being a fun person to share a room (on land) with. :)
  • Hi all, I'm Anye and I was on the first JCCC but haven't been able to get back (dejected arrr) but I'm really hoping to go to JCCC6.  I'm a 40-ish female looking for a female cabin-mate, so Samantha, we should talk!
    I'll send you a message offline as well.

  • Hi there Saam/Anye or anyone else, 
    I'm interested in coming along on the cruise and since I'd be flying from the UK to join up, it would be great if I could bundle in with other cruisers to cut down on costs. I'm happy with an interior cabin since in my brain I'd be out doing things most of the day and only indoors for sleeping. 

    I'd also be a first time JoCo cruiser if that helps! I'm 32, quite outgoing and have cruised before (although on general cruises). I also tend to live out of my bag and although I wouldn't call myself neat, I am very respectful of other people's /shared space. My messiness tends to be reflected in haphazard folding of clothes etc rather than anything else!

    Anyway, if you're still looking for people to join up with and fancy a chat, do give me a shout! I'm on [email protected]


  • Hi Namrata, I just sent you an email since Sam has made other plans already.  You will love the JoCo cruise and an interior cabin is fine with me if we can still nab one.  Let's chat!

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    EDITED:Roommate found!! Thanks all.
    i definately need a roomie--. I have an H cabin exterior window. I'm 53, southern (and proud of it) quiet nonsmoking female and would want a (reasonably) quiet female roommate. I booked onboard so you would have that booking discount. This will be my 3rd JCCC having been on 4 and 5. I'm a bit introverted but warm up once I know someone. Get in touch at christinadsparks at gmail or messaging me here if you are interested!
  • First time on JoCo Cruise. Looking for a room mate.

    I booked a single room but willing to get a different cabin to share with up to 2 others.

    50 non-smoking male.

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    looks like matches have been made above so definately get in touch if you are a female looking for a cabinmate! christinadsparks @ gmail.com
  • I can vouch for Sparky1961 as an amazing roommate!  (Especially if you are a morning person who likes to use the cabin as an occasional quiet refuge from the wonderful craziness of the cruise).

  • Thanks dr L. tho I'm only a morning person compared to you and your all night gaming habit
    ( unless on excursions I'm likely only up by 8 or 9)
  • Hi all, my brother won't be able to make it this year so I'm looking for a male cabinmate. I've already booked a 2 person 'K' interior cabin with early booking & returning sea monkey discounts (though I'd also be willing to combine bookings if you also have a cabin reserved).

    I'm a male nerd, 31 years old, non-smoker. Thanks! 
  • Oh hai. It is looking like my expected room mate will not be able to make it to JCC2016, so I am in need of a room mate. I am currently booked in a promenade stateroom and have an early booking and returning sea monkey discount. 

    I'm male, 32, non-smoker. 

  • Well, looks like I am in need of a roomie. 34M, non smoker, excellent references. I am looking at you Perry Z! I have the previous monkey and early booking discount. Looking to split the cost of the hotel as well if interested in going the night before to the gathering :-) I have a Balcony room, mid ship.
  • Hi Jeff and Erik, I've sent each of you messages. Maybe we can be cabin-mates. :-)
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    Updated roomate found
  • Roommate found! Thanks all.
  • Hello sea monkeys! Aspiring pre monkey here, looking to share a cabin. Also totally open to splitting a hotel -'I'll be in the Orlando area for a couple days prior to the cruise.

    26M, non smoker. Not entirely sure how to send messages but will attempt to send one to Jeff, Eric, and Tkael.
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    Update: I've caved and booked one of the just added E3 balcony cabins. Need a roommate, have the early booking discount. Would prefer another guy but wouldn't mind a woman. I'm friendly and outgoing but don't expect that of everyone else - introverts or extraverts are both welcome. All age ranges welcome. Send emails to [email protected].

    Updated update: Roommate found!
  • Got a room by myself, willing to share. Very flexible, as I don't plan on spending a lot of time there.
  • Btw, superior balcony storeroom cabin, d3. Don't even know what that means, but it sounds cool. Email [email protected] if interested.
  • Whoops, forgot to say: Anye and I have teamed up, so neither of us is looking for a roommate anymore. But I'm really looking forward to my first JoCo cruise!

  • Awesome, look forward to seeing you there. Newbie myself. Going to party before/after trip?
  • Btw, room is taken. Will see you all there!
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    Hey everyone -- I feel like I'm a little late to the party, but I'm a 28M non-smoker from NC looking for a roommate if there are any sea monkeys out there still looking. This will (hopefully) be my second JoCo Cruise assuming I'm able to find someone!

  • Do I know anyone looking for a roommate? :D
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    Greetings!  I'm looking for a roommate.  I've got a promenade stateroom for two with previous monkey and early booking discounts.  Me: Laid back, 45M, non-smoker, craft beer fan, CPAP wearer, board gamer, helper monkey on my 4th JCC. You: Non-smoker.  Past roommates Tom and Steven can probably vouch for me :)

    I also have a room at the main Jocotel for before and after the cruise.

    Nov 4 edit: I'm still looking and running out of time.  Contact me either here or via email: [email protected]
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    Yep, I'm looking for a roommate. I have an exterior stateroom at the very front of the boat. Returning monkey discounts etc. Contact me ASAP, either by replying here or sending me email badpierre at me dot com.

    --Mark Barrington
  • Hi there.

    I'm a newbie also looking for a roommate to share an interior 'N' stateroom.

    I'm a 41 year-old non-smoker, and a pretty sound sleeper.
    Atom & Kathleen can provide character references (assuming you know them, of course).

    Please contact me at [email protected].

  • I am no longer in search of a roommate!

    see you all aboard!
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    UGH! Looking for a roommate.
    The person I had lined up can't go. Money is due and all that jazz. If ya know anyone looking, send them my way. :P

    Non-smoker that doesn't mind me coming in late.

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    Hello all.  I am considering coming on the cruise again this year, but I would need a roommate/cabinmate.  Any of you peoples have an open slot in your cabin?  Or maybe a few of us stragglers can get together to book a cabin.

  • I'm good.  Back on das boat.  Mr. Magical Me and others I'll keep an ear to the ground for ya, see if I can find some peoples around here for ya.
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    Hey Seamonkeys— I need a roomie!

    I’ve reserved a Promenade Stateroom and still have a spot available for a roomie! I’m a thirty-something man. I don’t smoke, I don’t snore, and I promise that the room shall remain a relatively calm place to recharge and relax. I may end up practicing guitar a couple times, but will be courteous as all heck about it. And I’m totally cool with it if you have a CPAP machine or whatever… So yes. Get in touch. Pass this along to your friend who has yet to get on nerdboat.  asakellarides on the gmail dots the com
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