Questions for Sea Monkeys from 2015 JoCo Cruise

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Did JoCo talk about the new album and did he play any new songs?


  • Yes, and sort of.  He played two pre-recorded tracks.  I have no recollection of what he actually said about the album though.  :)
  • Yeah, I don't recall many specifics about the album except he expects to finish it this year I think. After one listen I know I liked the second more than the first. I didn't the think the first had as much depth as my favorites but some songs have taken time click.
  • The main gist of the first song was 'don't read the comments and don't feed the trolls' and I liked it because it's good advice and it sort of goes back to the themes he used to write about. The second one was about a dystopian future of some kind where Ray Kurzweil was important somehow, and I didn't like it as much because I couldn't hear the words very well and I couldn't remember who Ray Kurzweil was.

    I did actually record the part of the concert where he played those tracks, because we were only explicitly told not to record the comedians that came before him, but then he said after playing the songs that of course we couldn't share any recordings of them because they're not finished. What I can do when I find that footage, though, is tell you a bit more about what he said about the tracks and the album.
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    The Ray Kurzweil song sounds really interesting, especially since I first watched the documentary Transcendent Man about 6 months ago. Thanks for all your responses.
  • I was very sad to see Kurzweil, whom I thought to be a great man, captured by Google.
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