Rock-a-Bye JoCo, Or, JoCo to the Third Generation

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Hi all!  Been a long time since I posted here, but sometime happened Sunday evening that I had to share, and would love Jonathan to know of if he ever reads posts here. 
   I have a 5 month old grandson, courtesy of my son Ed and his wife. He got me into WOW, which got me into WOW videos which led to Spiffworld and to JoCo.  So in turn, I got HIM into listening to JoCo too. 
   And now- he and his wife both sing JoCo songs to the baby, which he LOVES!  Really, the three of us were all singing Skullcrusher mountain to little Scottie and he was grinning and waving his hands and enjoying it all!

I suspect that the line "What's with all the screaming?" has a special meaning for Scotties parents...

Soon as he can talk I am teaching him the chorus to Re:Your Brains.  If his parents don't beat me to it! 


  • Great story!
  • Hello again JoAnn! What a lovely story—so neat how JoCo's music continues to be a bonding experience. (:
  • Hey, JoAnn! Good to see you again :) That's a fantastic story.
  • Nice to stop by for a visit.  I realized when I posted that it has been a really long time since I was here.  Been a long time since I went to a JoCo or a P&S concert too.  Isn't he doing them any more?
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  • Great story indeed! And nice to see you here again. :)

    Last I heard, JoCo was involved in a few Aimee Mann shows and also sometimes tours with John Roderick, I think? I don't know, he's never come within a country of my place. :)
  • Good to see you checking in, JoAnn! 

    He's done some one-off shows, but hasn't toured at all since 2012.  I'd like to see him out with Paul and Storm and his acoustic guitar again, for old time's sake!

  • Hey, @Jmonkee!

    Indications are that he's working on finishing out a new album (later this year?). He played a couple of tracks on Boat this year (no recordings, by request). If I recall correctly, he hopes to be back on tour after that's released. Based on the sound, it seems likely it'll be another full-band, ArtHeart-style tour -- sorry, @Jmonkee! But I liked the new songs, although I'd need to hear them again to form any sort of intelligent opinion.
  • Hey there Bry!  Thanks for that information.

    So JoCo actually requested that people in the audience NOT record him?  That's certainly a first!  I guess I can understand it if he's just trying out some new material that he doesn't consider ready for mass distribution...  But I hope he doesn't make a habit of it. 
  • I guess it's less about "record" than "distribute" -- he wasn't playing live, he was playing the actual studio tracks that Christian Cassan's been producing, and I don't think he was convinced they were finished yet.
  • Aha!  Yes, that makes perfect sense.  I thought you meant he was playing the songs live during one of his performances, and asked people not to record. 
  • Hey JoAnn,

    I was just at a concert of his at the University of Washington last weekend, but the organization for that was very last minute.  Not sure what/where else he's played recently.
  • *Sigh* The main reason I stopped coming here to chat is that every conversation turns into something about the cruises...  I am glad you few, wealthy enough to do that sort of thing people were able to participate in the JoCo Cruises, but it is hard to read about it everyplace, y'know?  Even if my husband hadn't been laid off suddenly last year, we wouldn't have been able to afford to go, and my income is spotty at best, certainly NOT what can keep us going for long. Just look at the top ten things listed under "Everything else" and see how many are Exit polls for the cruise, or requests for photos from the cruise, or  cultural info about places you can see while on the cruise.   Then try going to a JoCo or P&S concert, getting there early enough to grab a seat at a table up front and finding out it has been essentially reserved for "SeaMonkeys" who only want to talk about the last cruise, the next cruise , how they have been to all of them so far.
    Sorry for sounding bitter.  I still love JoCo's music, and talking about it.  Wish I could go on the cruise.  ANY cruise for that matter.  For now- I would rather save up for a new, larger harp. See ya round. 
  • I hear you, JoAnn, and I do miss the way the forums used to be about the music and not the ancillary cruise -- sorry to be part of the problem :( I mentioned Boat because it seemed relevant to my answer, not to steer the conversation towards Boat, but I regret that it came across that way.

    I've entertained thoughts of trying to spark more JoCo-music-related discussion here, but I haven't had the energy to kickstart those conversations. I will gladly jump in on any music conversation anyone wants to have here, if there's anything left that I haven't said since 2006.

    Anyway, it's good to hear from you, JoAnn. Hopefully once this album comes out (and we're a little ways further removed from Boat) there'll be more actual conversation going on again.

    @The Clinger, good to hear from you, too -- wonder if we crossed paths at the UW show, though I don't know what you look like and you don't know what I look like. It was a fun set!
  • Yeah, I loved the show.  I'd never been to one of his acoustic sets before.  I had just gotten a pretty short haircut, and was wearing a black artificial heart T-shirt.  Relatively tall dude.

    I only heard about the show because of a few club associations I've had, since I graduated a few years ago.  (Pretty sure the last time I was a regular here I was a senior in high school.)
  • Covered "The Future Soon" today at Marscon, playing to a nearly full ballroom including a bunch of kids. Hopefully a good introduction to JoCo's music.
  • Hello again,
    It's been a long time since I've posted here too. I came by to share a similar story.
    My daughter just had to do a 3 hour each way road trip with my beautiful 10 month old granddaughter, through winding mountain passes. Jenna is a very nervous driver and Harlie does not like to travel and cried for the first half hour of the drive. 
    Jenna told me I had played JoCo so much it was stuck in her head, so it was something she could sing along with to distract herself and calm her nerves. Jenna pulled up her JoCo playlist and the baby loved it. She smiled and stayed happy the rest of the way, as long as JoCo played. So when she called to tell me about her 6 hour JoCopalooza, I told her "Well done my padewan, you have passed it on to the next generation. My job is complete."

  • Gl3nn, that is great!  My son met his wife at age 16  when they were both playing D&D in High School, just as I had met his father in 1980 playing D&D in an Army rec center in Germany.  Let's plan a D&D game in 15 years and make certain your grand daughter and my grandson are there, and see if we can continue the winning streak, eh? We know they will both have JoCo in common!
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