Macaroni and Cruise?

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Hey -- shouldn't you be 1) partying at a pre-cruise party, 2) on a plane to get to the cruise, 3) banking up sleep in anticipation of all all night partying you'll be doing on the cruise?

Or are you like me, unlucky enough to have not gone on any of the previous JCCCs and instead are longingly reading posts about it here on the forums... I've got a question for you:

Are any of you planning to go on this Macaroni and Cruise thing? What are your thoughts on it? After reading the Wired piece, and all the comments there and here in the forums, it's clear that JCCC is awesome. I'm just wondering if MAC can reach the same heights.


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    I did the Macaroni at a wedding once, and it was kind of silly. ;-)
  • I wish it was around when our son was younger. I have seen some Sea Monkeys mention that they're planning to attend, but I can't remember who.

    Yes, JCC is awesome. I hope that MaC gets the same type of community that we get (well, with more kids).
  • Hum... welp, if the forums are any indication, this MaC is going to be a pretty quiet affair... Still thinking about it. We're on California, so it's a pretty far way to go just for a 4-day cruise. I suppose we could combine it with Disney World, but ugh peak season and peak heat. :-P
  • Anyone got a working link for this themed cruise?  I can't seem to get a booking page on the macaroniandcruise site.

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    They decided to postpone it until next year for a variety of reasons (most noticeably low numbers of early registrations). If you want to get info for next year's cruise and give input/feedback, please do sign up for the mailing list on the website: .  I think they would definitely be interested in hearing from people who did not sign up early to find out why they didn't. I've wondered if the end of the year start to registration was just a bad time for families to sign up between holiday spending, imminent JCC6, and too far from summer for many people to be making vacation plans.

    From email sent to the mailing list (note the surveymonkey link for feedback & 2016 planning):

    "Hello Macaroni & Cruisers,

    We're moving Macaroni & Cruise's inaugural voyage to 2016 so that
    more of you fine people can attend. We are still very excited about
    Macaroni & Cruise!  But we plan to take the next several months to
    evaluate the idea and make it even better.  We’d love to get your
    feedback on what you thought was great and what you thought could be
    better, so we can make sure that the 2016 event will be gangbusters.
     We’ve got a survey here:

    Thank you sincerely for your interest, we’re bummed it’s not happening
    this year, and we can’t wait to get on board in 2016.  Let us know if
    you have any questions."
  • That's a shame, and I hope it's more successful next year. I think there's a good chance that my sister, who lives in Orlando and has three children in elementary school, would go if the dates worked out. (Unfortunately, the 2015 dates conflicted with a vacation she already had planned.)
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    It seems to me that, to get a good turnout, they might need to promote the event via a well known children's artist such as Raffi (who would be a particularly good choice because his most famous song just happens to be about a sea creature).
  • First time I had heard about the cruise was on here the other day... and I happened by here because the first email went out for JoCo cruise 2016.

    It would be awesome if they could add Weird Al to the cruise, too..  but I'm a dreamer, I know.
  • I am not the target demographic for Macaroni & Cruise, but I hope it works out for those who are.
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