JoCo Day 2014



  • Indeed! Thank you, @Angelastic and @CamannWordsmith! :-)
  • Nicely done!  Wish I'd had found some time to do an OboeVerse ;-)
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    Since @Colleenky mixed an instrumental track
    (using her and @CamannWordsmith's recordings) for the entire song, and
    only 2:30 of it was used for the video, I think that in order for this
    not to go to waste, we should consider gathering more people and taking
    more time to make a full cover of Christmastime is Wunnerful by
    Christmas. Does anyone agree?

    If nobody else does it, I might be
    tempted to strike out on my own and do an all-robot-voice version, maybe
    with references to Chiron Beta Prime added.

    (sorry for the weird line endings; I somehow got logged out while I was writing the message, and then it wouldn't let me post, so I had to copy and paste it, which leaves invisible linebreaks somehow.)
  • I'd be all for that! :) 
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    I couldn't do anything until after Christmastime, because Christmastime is not wunnerful for musicians.

    Also, no mention from JoCo on this year's effort. Maybe the JoCo Day video tradition has run its course.
  • I don't think enough of us mentioned it to JoCo for him to notice.

    Anyhow, I made a cover, and remixed an existing video for Chiron Beta Prime to go with it:

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