First of May, First of May

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Anyone doing anything special to celebrate?  Can't think of any good ideas....


  • As a matter of fact, I did go to work at a gold mine today. 
  • I woke up that afternoon, had some toast and a small English Breakfast... called up my old lady (64 years that she hasn't died) after that the thought of JoCo made me get my butt outside. So I went to the park alone and I was walking in the evening sun, saw all kinds of people and ignored everyone. I saw a laddy who sells ice cream, chose the flavours that looked like smurf. Any time I needed company I had 3G to surf.
  • I actually did have a scone and a large house blend. And was just generally happy, and reprimanded spazzy kids a little less than usual.
  • Second of May, Second of May. Public Nudity Awareness Day today.
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    Thank you for the information; appreciate the PSA!

    It's such a gorgeous day that I think I'm gonna go muck out a sluice box.
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    This morning, the guy running the burrito truck said, "Today stinko de mayo." So I told him, "Don't put any on mine!"
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