JoCo Cruise Crazy 5: The Basics



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    @Oscar FYI, using RCI's (and before that, Holland America's) model, we have always used "berth" to refer to the individual passenger, and "cabin" to refer to...cabin. We've never seen them (or ourselves) use "berth" to mean "cabin."

    Apologies for the confusion.
  • @Kate Yay! But where....?

    Sorry, @paulandstorm, I'm feeling a mite stupid because I'm sure it's been said somewhere, but... Is early booking for returning monkeys still ongoing? Or was that only possible on board? If it is ongoing, where should I be throwing my moneys? Am I blind?

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    @Sus, as previously posted, here. WOO!
  • @Sus, and now HERE!
  • @Kate Sweet of you, thank you, but the Book Now link on the JCCC website goes to the JCCC4 booking engine, which is closed. Unless I'm doing it wrong. Which is a likely scenario. I know about the pricing, I just don't know where to book *now*. I didn't sign up on the boat, you see. 

    ...Am I making any sense?


  • I can't rewatch it right now, but I'm pretty sure they said on the boat that there would be no booking between getting off the boat and public booking opening.
  • @Sus: sorry about any confusion; the only "early booking" time period was the Onboard Booking while on JCCC4. If you didn't sign up then, you'll be able to sign up when booking opens to the general public, which will be in mid-May.

  • Email out!
  • Is it wrong to feel un-naturally happy (YAY! things are moving forward) and slightly sad (how many days??!?) at the same time when reading that email?
  • @paulandstorm Thank you, Paul. :)
  • So. . . .

    I'm a new prospective monkey who really wants to book day one.  Call me paranoid.  Well, an email went out regarding site updates and bookings, right?  Did this only go out to those who werepre-booked?  Or was it supposed to go out to the whole mail list?  I added my email to the list, confirmed it online and such, but I received no such email.  And before you ask, of course I checked the spam folder.

    I'd just like to know that I get notified as soon as everyone else does.  The wiki states that rooms booked awful fast last year, and I'd like SOME room selection.

    Thanks in advance for all the behind-the-scenes work you folks are doing.  It looks like you're doing a five-star job managing this shin-dig.
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    Welcome @Oscar!

    I'm not gonna pretend to have any idea how Home Office manages their email lists.  But the important thing to know right now is that there will be ample notice on all channels for everything you need to know about booking dates.  As of this very moment, prebooking will open the first week of May, and public booking (that's you!) will open the second or third week of May.  Keep an eye on the forums, the JCCC site, Facebook, Facebook, Twitter, and your email to know more details as we get them.  I can say with near perfect certainty that details will be shared via all of those sources, one way or another.
  • Will do.  But just as JoCo recently said in an interview, email seems to be the best.  I can have life get busy and space out the rest, but I'll see an email.

    Regardless, I'm not trying to complain.  I just thought if there was something broke with email (for new folks), somebody should speak up.  And I'm never afraid to do that.

    Have a great day all.

  • From THO:

    "Cabin selection will open for “Firsties” (onboard bookers only) beginning MAY 6, 2014 at 12 noon EDT... general booking for JCCC5 will begin on May 12, 2014 at 12 noon EDT."

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    so happy to be back! hubby and i were on JCCC3, but had to miss this year because of school (kids, not us). next year's school schedule came out and there are no conflicts (right now), but most importantly, it's early enough that i won't miss the class plays (thanks Paul and Storm for fixing that up for me for next year ;). as an added sooper sekrit bonus, we will be bringing eldest with us as an early 8th grade graduation pressie. already got the okay from his teachers to miss a week of school next year, and lined up babysitting for the younglings. he doesn't know about it, and hopefully we will be able to keep it a secret until next school year at least. the hard part will be renewing his expired passport without any reasons (it, uh, in case we need to skip the country on short notice, yeah, that's it). cruising, now with added teenage angst! yay!

    as a bonus, it will be my birthday! oh, i hope there's a birthday discount, or at least cake.
  • Firsties Booking has been pushed from 12:00 noon to 5:00 pm today.
  • Hmm, I've searched all email accounts, and my JoCo Users Account, and have nothing from THO about how to book JCCC5, and my account still thinks I'm inquiring about JCCC4.  I realize that Lill and I were a special case last year and we could easily be slipping through the cracks, but...

    We're JONESIN' here!

  • Kudos to THO for their prompt and informative responses to my overly-anxious self.

    Keep up the Good Works, Guys!
  • A couple questions for THO:  When will people other than leads get their log in/booking information?  When will we be able to make payments on our booked cabins?  #TakeMyMoney
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    THO ---or AHOY ALL who might help. I'm trying to book my "firsties" cabin as I type here and for the last 40 minutes or so it keeps circle circle...wait...e.g. I've picked my cabin, hit "book" and it is stuck or hung tho every 8 minutes it asks me to maintain my "lock" on my cabin type. 

    Anyone that can throw a SeaMonkey a line (hopefully ASAP---  yes I know it's my fault for waiting til almost very last minute)  :-D  to help me know what to do?



    PS  I've started over about 3 times by refreshing and reselecting "book" but it's still not going.... :-(



    Got er done. IE didnt work..and could not download chrome or firefox on the work computer (rules :-(. Anyway firefox on the Android finally worked. Hooray!
  • Have you tried in an alternate browser...?
  • JCCC5 Public Booking is now officially open!

    There's also a link there to a walkthrough of the booking process, if anyone is curious.

    You'll need to either log in to your existing JCCC User Account (which you should have if you were on JCCC4), or you'll create one during the booking process. If you don't remember your JCCC User Account, please email us at "bookings@" and we'll get you sorted out.

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    A couple quick policy clarifications, as they've come up a couple times recently:


    - The $75/person Early Booking discount only applies to berths booked by May 27, 2014 (today). If, for example, you've made a single-person-occupancy booking, and then later (after today) add three more passengers, those three passengers will NOT receive the Early Booking discount. However, if you've booked a quad occupancy cabin (and made the deposit for four passengers) but so far only have your own passenger information entered, and then later confirm and add information for the other three passengers, then those passengers WOULD receive the Early Booking discount.


    - If two or more existing bookings are merged into a single booking, this counts as a cancellation of the “discarded” booking(s), and is subject to any applicable cancellation fees.

    If you have any questions or issues at all regarding the above, please email us at "booking at".


  • Thank you!
  • We got an email today saying we owe money TODAY.  I log in to my booking and it says we're caught up.  (I've got $250/person paid in our booking so far.)  A friend who has his own (single-occupancy) room got an email saying he owes as well, and when he logs in it says he does not as well.

    Are we OK if we don't do anything?
  • @RangerRick Your info has been forwarded to the booking minions, but if you haven't emailed them, you should email "booking@" and let them know. Indeed, you won't get screwed or kicked out of your booking or anything.


    Bwa hah hah HAH HAH HAH!!!!

  • YAY!
  • @RangerRick I think what the email was saying is that you still have remaining balance (total). I got the same thing.
  • @RangerRick and @rkcr (and any others who may not have seen it) - Paul posted this in the FB group on May 29:
    "Indeed, by the end of today, a 2-person booking should have a total minimum deposited of $500 per person, or $1000 total.

    For anyone with account-related problems (either people just getting or not yet getting their invites, or discrepanci
    between what the email claims you owe and what your User Account says,
    please contact "booking at" and let them know. As
    said in the email that went out, nobody is going to lose their cabin at
    12:01 am, and we're not going to screw anyone out of any discounts they
    should rightfully receive, especially if there's some error on our end.

  • I "think" the email was a reminder sent to everyone.   I was fully paid up and still got the message.   My account shows $0 owed at this time.

  • Anybody know how I go about adding someone to my booking (looking @paulandstorm)?
  • when you log into your cruise account, it should list the passengers, next to each "name" should be an edit button.
  • Right. That's the problem. I need to add someone new who's not already listed there and can't sort out how to do that.
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    For that, send an e-mail to [email protected] (I think...)
  • what hendu said, and yes, that is the right address
  • I got it sorted with Scarface's help and was able to add my roomie! YAY!
  • A repeat for the newbies:

    Yay JCCC5!

    Feel free to visit the
    Facebook group -
    Wiki -
  • Please, THO, please give us some exciting cruise news soon™! :D
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    Updated for JCCC5!

    Are you new to the Sea Monkey Community? Are you a JCCC vet who hasn't quite grasped all of our shenanigans? Do you enjoy Kevin Carey's sarcastic wit? Then the Sea Monkey Primer is for you! Give it a read over at its Google Doc location!
  • So... Hotels today!!!!!      Any thoughts re: Embassy Suites (last year) vice Hilton?
  • The Embassy Suites seemed to be filled by 13:20 EDT.  Ending up booking at the full rate which wasn't much more.
  • Yep - I missed it too at 12:20. Booked at Embassy with an AARP rate for not much more.

  • That seems odd - I just booked there moments ago (10:50 PDT) at the JCCC rate.


  • Quick question re: Embassy Suites.  The Travel and Accommodations JCCC page says that the Embassy Suites has free Wi-Fi, but the Embassy Suites site had that as a $9.95 add-on.  Is it only free when getting the JoCo rate, or is the Embassy website wrong?
  • @gbasden I guess it depends on when you are booking.  I tried booking from Jan 29 to 31.
  • I tried Jan 28 - Jan 31. There were still rooms, but not at the JCCC rate.
  • The unofficial JCCC5 Sea Monkey Migration chart has been created (copied from JCCC4).
  • The migration chart is great! I added my name and info.
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