The Newest Joco Musical Extravaganza

Hey fellow Jocophiles (Oh god, I'm so sorry),

My name is A.J. Ditty and I wrote a jukebox musical revolving around the music of our beloved Mr. Coulton. It's called Tom Mandelbrot Conquers the Big Bad World and it goes a little something like this:

Tom Mandelbrot Conquers the Big Bad World tells the simple story of a supervillain in love. The tale centers on Tom Octavius Mandelbrot, a loveable slacker of a computer programmer who dreams of one day conquering all mankind. After successfully pitching his first video game, Tom finally has the incentive he needs to start his life of crime, and, along with his trusty sidekick Robot Monkey Butler Brian Dennehy, sets out to rule the world and win the heart of his one true love, Laura Springfield. But, after kidnapping Tom Cruise in order to gain national attention, his plans go horribly awry, inadvertently causing the zombie apocalypse and causing Robot Monkeys to invade Earth and take over the world. Can Tom Mandelbrot save humanity from his own creations? Will he win the heart of his beloved Laura? Will Tom Cruise ever find love? Set to the whimsically morbid tunes of geek-rock god Jonathan Coulton, this musical seeks to tackle the age-old struggle of finding your place in the world and the wonderfully crazy experience of falling in love with a robot monkey. 

That's all well and good for a shiny synopsis, but, the real reason I'm posting today is that I am having the first public reading of it in NYC on December 14th at 1PM and 5PM and I would love it if some of you could be there!

The facebook event is here:

It'll be at the June Havoc Theater on 312 W 36th Street 31, New York, NY, 10018. 

Tickets are ABSOLUTELY FREE and can be reserved at [email protected] Just give us your name and how many tickets you'd like and we'll save you a seat!

So, if you're in the area, come on out, watch the madness, and hear the music that we all know and love. If you aren't in the area, never fear: we'll also be taping the event and will work out a way to distribute highlights from the event online under the agreements of creative commons! 

I have been an enormous fan of both Coulton's music and this community for a long time now. Though I have mostly stayed on the outside looking in, I have nothing but respect for all the fans who make these forums their own. I hope that you will give my humble little musical a chance and come out to see it. Thank you for your time, I know you're all busy as hell.

Putting this thing to bed,
A.J. Ditty


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