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Every now and then, I spice up my mobile phone by creating a ringtone (for personal use; not for sale) from the work of a performer I enjoy. I believe that I created the first Paul and Storm ringtone (the two of them yelling "WHY... DON'T... YOU... DIE!!!!" in Ep. 2 of LearningTown, for unknown numbers that are likely to be telemarketers) and have a few JoCo ones as well. Anyone interested in swapping? (Perhaps it'd be possible to set up a file repository for these.)


  • I don't use ringtones myself (well, I have a DogCow ringtone that I made, but my phone is always on silent and nobody calls me anyway) so I don't really have any ideas, but just for the sake of lining the man's pockets with server bandwidth bills, here's a link to the ringtone section of JoCo's store.
  • I typically just use Myxtertones to make my own.  Free and easy.  ^_^
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    What does the DogCow say? "Moof?"
  • Exactly. Sometimes she says boo-woo, too, but the only sound that's been recorded is the moof (you can probably still find the sound on the internet somewhere, but it's trickier than it once was since the original technotes were taken down.)

    JoCo's site also links to Myxtertones. I used GarageBand to make mine.
  • I've had the P&S Fresh Step jingle on my phone for a while now. 
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    I have the intro to Marian Call's Dear Mr. Darcy as a ringtone.....   
    It was somewhat of an embarrassment when it went off just as she starting into another tune ;/)
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    New ringtone: Irish drinking minions from Despicable Me 2.

  • Oboewan, I have the same ringtone. I got tired of not hearing my phone ring when it was in my bag, so I thought something loud and brassy would work :)
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