JoCo Day 2013



  • I made a new version! I did not make it longer; I found that by speeding up @kate's bit a little, I could slot in two extra videos such that there's a succession of three sign-drops in time with the music. Then I added another of @Colleenky's (about collaborating on things like this) at the end with some more 'maybe I used too many monkeys' sound clips, because we did use a lot of monkeys in this video. I also added names/locations for everyone, occasionally guessing which name to use, hopefully not violating anyone's privacy.

    I'm going to upload this version straight to YouTube (to save uploading twice if it's the final one, since I exported this one at full resolution) and leave it private until two people say it's okay. Then I'll make it public and go to bed and not sleep because I'm too excited about it. And then everyone will tweet it at JoCo, possibly using the tag #becauseOfJoCo, and anyone who missed out on being in it can tweet their things with that tag too.
  • Cool! I'll give a preemptive "okay" because I'm sure it is fine and because you've put so much energy into this project. Yay!
  • Super peachy! Is that the URL to throw at JoCo?
  • Right, I have one preemptive okay and two postemptive(?) greats. It's public! Go tweet, monkeys, like good monkeybirds!
  • Yeah, sure, that URL should work for throwing at JoCo!
  • Tweetie Tweetie tweet! Now you'll be able to sleep and dream of video cards.
  • Sorry for my lack of response; I've been hoarding my creative-project energy for use on commissions. I see that one of my answers ("made hundreds of friends") is well represented though. (:
  • Sorry I haven't been around much today, but it looks awesome! Fantastic job @angelastic, and everyone!
    So impressive. :)
  • Congratulations, @Angelastic! JoCo appreciates your work! Now you can find a new apartment and sleep in as long as you'd like.

    Thanks again for making this happen!
  • Indeed, I wasn't able to make time to participate, but I love that the fans put togther something like this every year. Thanks to @Angelastic and everyone who contributed.

  • He appreciates the appreciation of all of team #becauseOfJoCo. That includes everyone in the video and everyone who tweeted something. Not just my work! He didn't even mention the video! :) It's the content that matters the most. And I, for one, am very content.

    BTW, I was inspired by @SRDownie's reference to the Uncertainty Principle for my location given in the video, even though my uncertainty is more about where I'm moving to than where I am.
  • I was wondering about your location ID, @Angelastic. "Perhaps she is simply woozy from non-stop editing," I speculated to myself. I'm glad Werner was able to provide you with an alibi!

    BTW, that clip is from the Coen Bros "The Man Who Wasn't There." I generally like the Coen's films a lot and I think that one is underrated. Tony Shaloub delivers that little speech perfectly.

    You may now return to content-ed-ness.
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