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  • It doesn't seem to want me to upload to the folder, so here's the link to my folder, which is open (as far as I can tell).

    Hope this works. Let me know if not.
  • Hi again

    I just uploaded two video clips, one to be used in the video. You'll see, they're almost the same except for how we turn the cards. I like 2 better, except that I kinda messed up and meant to have the second card first, so I uploaded the first one in case people like that better.

    They're also a little large, so if you need me to compress them or something, I can.

    I still can't upload to the folder, I don't think, so here are the links again:

    2 (which I like better):


    Let me know if there's anything else I can do for the project.
  • @tiguh Yes, you do need to create an account, which is free. @Angelastic has made the folder "open," so once you have the account, you should be able to upload... I think.
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    Okay, I'm awake and back from visiting an apartment! Now to download all this new stuff.

    I was thinking, instead of a tumblr, how about when we announce this (or suggest people contribute to it) we use the Twitter hashtag #becauseOfJoCo, and then if people have their own things to add once it's done, they can also tweet them with that tag and maybe JoCo will see them.

    Edit: I am not sure whether @tiguh tried to upload anything yet (wait, yes I am. I skimmed too quickly), so maybe it would have worked anyway, but I've just made her an editor (in Folder Options>Properties>Collaborators) I thought I'd made the folder open access anyway, but nonetheless it lists new people as Viewers, so it could just be open viewing.
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    Hey, @srdownie, do you have a sign to show, or are you just going to be the audio wizard whose life JoCo has had an unknown effect on? :)
  • I'm grateful for JoCo for making this blogpost:

    That way, I secured the permission to upload "Wikipedia Chanukah" to Wikipedia, who–BTW–requires derivatitve works like "Wikipedia Chanukah" to have the same license as Wikipedia. The Share-Alike provision means business. I was just making sure JoCo followed through, and he did!
  • Also, because of Jonathan Coulton, I named one of my albums "The Aftermath" and license my work with the same Creative Commons license as he.
  • @Angelastic Can you superimpose my sign(s) as captions? How about "Because of JoCo, I'm strumming this Guitalele." :-)
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    I was making some kind of big mashup of @tiguh's, @srdownie's, and @Colleenky's mashups, because I couldn't decide which to use, when I realised @srdownie and @Colleenky were using different versions of Dance, Soterios Johnson, Dance. :D So I played around with nice ways to transition from one to the other but ended up reimplementing one of @srdownie's ideas (going from 'genius smashing expectations' to 'JoCo') using the same version Colleen had. Then I messed around with some other bits so we could have 'he's living a dream' in there, and made a ham-fisted transition to an ending. Then I added some Monkey Vox 2 from My Monkey because I never know when to stop. So now it's 2:20, and I'm not at all sure it makes sense as a whole either musically or semantically (JoCo doesn't even like dancing! And maybe I used too many monkeys) or is well mashed (some of my transitions are pretty jarring), but I put it up in case it gives people ideas. Feel free to mash up my mashup of mashups; keep mashing until this song is suitable for someone who's had a recent wisdom tooth extraction!

    ETA: And then decide which version to use so I can align video with it. :)
  • Any version is fine with me. Good work, @Angelastic!
  • Interesting! Good job! Works pretty well, too, except for a couple jarring transitions at the end (especially into "living a dream"). I hate to say, I kinda feel like Dance Soterius doesn't really have to do with the rest... and I liked the beginning of Monkey Shines. I do like the My Monkey part at the end.

    But I think the question is how much time/music will we need? Do we have any idea?
  • Btw, I'm curious what software folks are using for their mashups/edits. I'm using Audacity, which I'm only slightly familiar with, and I know it's not the best software. I'd love to learn a better one (preferably one I don't have to purchase).
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    Here's my file:

    Edit: Is it too late?
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    I'm using GarageBand. And I just realised t might have been me who accidentally switched from one version of Dance, Soterios Johnson, Dance to the other, at around 1:03. I thought something sounded weird there. I agree that most of Soterios Johnson doesn't have a lot to do with it, though it is about some guy with a day job who is living his dream, like JoCo but without quitting. I mainly suggested it because of the shared word 'go'. When obviously if we're going for shared words, 'monkey' should be one. We're asking how many monkeys it takes, and yet we never ponder that maybe we used too many monkeys, even though we have the source tracks for Skullcrusher Mountain?

    Anyway, I spent too much time on the audio and not enough on adding the new material to the video, so I'll do that now and tell you how much time we need.

    Edit: It's not too late!
  • Hey, Iron Curtain, we're actually holding up signs saying the things rather than speaking them, so that there can be music in the background; could you redo yours that way? Otherwise, no problem, we can just have a speaking section at the end! (Then we don't even have to worry about making the song longer)
  • I used the version and the Soterios section the way I did so that the harmony lined up and also to convert "Soterios" into JoCo. JoCo ends up with the slender hips and the "genius" attribution. But you can slice and dice however you see fit. :-)
  • In that case, why don't I just take a pic of me with the sign?
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    Edit: This is a response to @srdownie; I hadn't seen Iron Curtain's post yet:

    Ah, right, yeah, that makes more sense. :) I'll get back to estimating the video length (I got distracted) and hope someone else will do the final mix because apparently I'm not even perceptive enough to notice when I'm changing from one version of a song to the other mid-sentence.
  • Iron Curtain: You could just take a pic, if you want. A short video would be a little bit more interesting because you'd breathe and blink and such (or whatever other movements you feel appropriate; there's kissing and handwaving in some of the videos), but it's not strictly necessary.
  • @tiguh I've used various apps to edit: Audacity, Amadeus Pro, Logic Pro X, Ableton Live 9, and iMovie (pre-Mavericks, for the video). If I had to choose one to do a good, high-res edit for a relatively short, straightforward audio project, I'd use Logic Pro X. If I wanted to assemble a really wacky piece with many samples that I might want to rearrange and reuse at any point, then I'd go with Ableton Live.

    My 0.01 Euros.
  • Update: With the current sign videos (excluding a few that were deemed non-essential) it fits pretty well into @tiguh's extended edit of Monkey Shines. I'll get a not-so-quick and dirty draft to you shortly.
  • New Draft! This one uses New World Monkey and MonkeyShines Edit, and it ends with a recommendation to check #becauseOfJoCo for more (so maybe people who didn't know about the video will see that and tweet things, as well as those who know about it but don't have time to submit something.)

    I think it's working quite well. We could have more speaking bits at the end if people prefer to do those, or extend the music further to have more signs. Mostly, my choice of how long to make each clip and which of the non-essential clips to include was dictated by when the music had a nice scene-changing beat and when the lyrics or music seemed to suit the text or actions, and of course how long it took to read the text. So if anyone feels like they're not on screen as much as other people, that's why; it's nothing personal.
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    In case you want a loop to fill in time, I just uploaded JoCo_loop.mp3 and JoCo_endless_loop_example.mp3 if you wanted to easily extend audio time but didn't want to slice your own loop. I'm not guaranteeing these are sample-length perfect: I did this with Amadeus Pro listening through MacBook Air speakers, so please accept them for what they're worth.

    The loop gives you six seconds of audio padding.

    Many second monkey chances indeed!

  • Cool! It might be a little short to loop incessantly, but maybe variety could be added with clips of vocal tracks about monkeys from songs we have the stems to.

    I'm going to bed now. Feel free to chase up other people you think would want to (or who have already said they want to) contribute while I'm sleeping! I think we can have more either signs and/or speaking, it should be fine whatever people do, they can see the latest draft if they want to know how their video is likely to be presented in each case (maybe there could be some instrumentals from A Talk With George or similar during the speaking parts. I just played with a couple of 'maybe I used too many monkeys's during the sign-turning part near the end.)

    Also, of course, suggestions/mixes for audio or ways to improve the video are welcome (parts of it are still the first things I thought of as placeholders.) If people have ideas for editing other songs into the mix which their own signs are particularly appropriate for, or they want to hold up signs for the few things that are currently done in titles in the video, that's cool too.

  • @Angelastic Eeep! I'm traveling for the holiday... Would tomorrow afternoon (EST) be too late? :)
  • @kate: I don't know when that is, but if it's before the end of JoCo Day in JoCoville, and preferably before the end of JoCo Day in Europe (so I can get some sleep before work) and it's not in some weird format I have difficulty using (such as wmv) it should be okay.

    (Why aren't I already in bed, like I said I would be? Because I have no self-control, because I'm tired. Goodnight!)
  • I messed around for a while trying to force sections of "2600" into the current remash, but the twain never deigned to meet.

    I think you're fine with what you've got. After all, if you make it *too* good, the producers of Glee will only go and steal it!
  • @Angelastic and @srdownie: Good work! Thanks for all the time you've put into this! :-)
  • Happy JoCo Day (EST)!
  • Wow, that's really great @angelastic! Very touching. :) Thanks for all your hard work.
  • Hey, it's @Bry! Are you going to do a sign?

    What, no new clips while I was sleeping? Well, I guess I'll just go overboard adding frills to what I have, then! :)

    Here is a new version. It has the following changes, each of which you can veto if it's too much:
    • 'Just JoCo!' has been changed to 'Just one: JoCo!' and the background has been changed from a stock starry background to a picture of JoCo turning into a rock star, Superman-style, which I commissioned from Len Peralta a while ago for a different video.
    • The timing of the 'there's a song for every occasion' drop has been fixed to match with the 'what' in 'what you make it'. Because our life is what JoCo makes it.
    • I changed one of the clips of me from the one I happened to drag in to one I liked better, and made it slightly longer so it can possibly be read without pausing.
    • Added some audio clips about monkeys to the end, including the 'my monkey loves you very much' part I'd used in the Soterios Johnson mashup mashup.
    • Put the intro to I'm Having A Party quietly behind Iron Curtain's bit (let me know if it's too loud or it bothers you to have it there at all) and then made it louder after that bit and added a clip from My Monkey so the video ends with, 'The time has come to celebrate my monkey.'
    • There's a weird flash with a composite of other parts of my screen in one part, I guess because my graphics card has been glitching a lot today. Hopefully if I export it again, that will go away.
    I still need to add captions saying who people are and so on. I'm not too sure what to do about @srdownie's, since we have yet to introduce the 'because of JoCo' concept at that point of the video.

    The more I watch this video, the more I love @Colleenky's new haircut.
  • You could caption the intro with the song lyrics. That would give your string of on-screen text continuity from beginning to end.
  • I could (and also could add captioning for Iron Curtain's bit, for all the Deaf JoCo fans CaptainValor brought into the fold), but it wouldn't tell anyone what you did because of JoCo. :)
  • Above the lyric captions, you could add an arrow pointing at me + flashing yellow text that exclaimed "Pre-JoCo, sdownie wasn't really living."
  • @srdownie: I can't easily do more than one caption at a time; maybe I should just put the lyrics as closed captioning on YouTube, and have your name/location (if you tell me what name/location you want to use) or just 'srdownie wasn't really living until a certain monkey came along…'

    By the way, what's the copyright status on that recording of Dvorak's 9th symphony? Are we actually allowed to use it? Or should I go back to Good Morning Monkey?
  • I like the caption you suggest. Yay! I'm ALIVE!

    Don't worry about the Dvořák. It is one of the clips @DSOBerlin distributed as part of their remix Dvořák competition. Perfect timing!

  • Just to make sure, by 'don't worry about', you mean, 'don't worry about the copyright, it's okay to use', and not, 'forget about it', right?
  • @Angelastic, file is uploading now. I'm off to sing in a performance for a few hours. :)
  • Yay! I mean, @kate! :) I hope your performance goes well.
  • It is OK to use. I am on the road so I'm trying to make my messages short. :-)
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    Argh; I can't open @kate's file with either Quicktime or VLC. Can anyone else open it? If so, could they convert it to whatever other format(s) they can and reupload it?

    Edit: Never mind! It must have been just my graphics card playing up. I restarted in the hope of getting rid of all the glitching/OpenGL crashes/whatever, and now I can open @kate's file!
  • Here's a new version (one big song loop longer, with a 'screwed up again and he is sorry' from My Monkey over the top of about the third 'got a second chance', for variety, because those two songs do both refer to the same monkey butler named Brian Dennehy, after all) with @kate's and some of @dkplewis's footage. I'm going to add another loop, though, because we have enough spare signs to fill it, and that gives more breathing space if anyone else submits something.

    Or at least I was going to, but in the time it took to upload this one, I came up with another arrangement that allows two extra clips without another loop. We'll see.

    Then I'll add all the names and locations. If you don't tell me a name/location I'll use one from a previous JoCo Day video, or nothing at all.
  • It's getting better and better with each iteration!  Wish there were a few more days to work on it, but I guess that's just how we roll :P
  • I'm at the end of the road and … Yay!

    You don't need a location for me because in the process of locating me, you'd change me!

  • Ooh, two sudden comments! Hey, since you're here, @Thalandor46, do you want a name/alias and location in the video?
  • Messaged you on Facebook about that :)
  • Sudden gratuitous comment!
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    Oh, right, so you did! I had a feeling you'd already said something about it, but couldn't find it in the thread.

    Now I just need to know about @tiguh (I'm assuming real names are okay for you two since they're already revealed on the Kickstarter and and other videos) and @TheFoodGeek I guess.
  • I didn't participate in time for the video, so I'll just leave what I would've contributed here:

    Because of Jonathan Coulton, I had my faith in modern music restored.
    Because of JoCo, I got to meet the stars I grew up loving and feel like a star by performing in front of them.
    I started creating YouTube videos because Jonathan Coulton inspires me.

    Thanks for all you do, you beard-wielding nerdy troubadour! We love you! See you in February!

    Randy, Laura and Yay Monkey Parcel
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