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Our very own Code Monkey story about his exploits through the Jocoverse told one(ish) line at a time. 
I'll start it off in the traditional way but please don't take it to the obvious next step. This is a new adventure for Code Monkey.
Here we go...

Code Monkey wiped the sleep from his eyes as he poured his morning coffee. 


  • He liked it cold and black, just like her heart.
  • He checked the fridge. "Hmmph. No coffee cake. Guess it's a cereal morning."
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    Rummaging through the pantry, he found no cereal but plenty of Fritos. "I wonder if Fritos would make a good breakfast cereal. Maybe with a little milk," he mused.
  • "What I really need is some sort of 'Wake Up' pill," He sat at the table and wondered if anybody already made them and what would go into them. 
  • Now truly curious, he did a quick internet search and found a press release titled "Revolutionize your morning with the new Wake Up Pills from Tuscon Diagnostics!"
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    "Tuscon Diagnostics," he thought. "Sounds familiar. Oh; they're a division of Acme Industries, which also sells Earthquake Pills."
  • Hmm, side effects include pancreatic tremors, geothermal lung, and skeletal avalanching.  What?
  • And falling rocks:

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    "That it does," he thought, falling over for the sheer thrill of it. As he peeled himself up off the floor, he made a mental note to try to fix the malfunctions his tinkering had caused in his floor-cleaning robot, so that he could actually use it.
  • Unbeknownst to him, the robot had become sentient, and was planning his demise.
  • The robot had upgraded its arm to a smashy claw, and expected to clean the floor with Code Monkey.
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    "Hey little buddy," Code Monkey said as the robot rushed to his side, smashy claw raised. "That's a nice claw you've made yourself." Code Monkey held a cleaning rag out to the robot. The robotic companion gave a frustrated *beep-boop*, grabbed the cloth, and started cleaning the floor, biding its time.
  • Deciding he might be safer at work, Code Monkey grabbed his things and rushed out of the house.
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    The robot had planned for this eventuality and triggered the wire trip on the front step as Code Monkey attempted his hurried escape.

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  • An icosahedral cage came rolling down from the top of the house, but Code Monkey tucked into a ball, rolled out from under the cage, and sprung out of the way just in time, landing safely on the first branch of the tree in the front yard.
  • Then he decided he had PROBABLY leave. But, before he could leave, he noticed his house was on fire! HE LEFT THE TOASTER ON!
  • "Stupid!" he thought to himself. "Maybe I shouldn't have used the toaster oven to heat up the coffee cake everyday."
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