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About 5 years ago, I started on a project to make a Graphic Adventure Game based on the JoCo-verse (think Code Monkey Save World type universe)
I put the idea to Jonathan and he was like "Yeah, do it"
Much hard work and laziness (from me) later I finally got a "finished" game, and it's possibly ready to be released (it has been for weeks).
The last hurdle is I want a small number of people to play it, to find bugs and improvements I can make before it is released to the masses.
I had a few people that over the past 5 years have said "I would love to test it when it's ready", so I sent them the link and their testing varied from, playing it a little to not even answering my email.
So the game is largely untested by anyone but me, and I'm too close to the project to see the wood for the trees.

Anyone want first look before the masses? All I ask in return is you provide feedback and report any bugs or issues.

Email me at [email protected]

You can see the site at:


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    Ok, no need to email me if you want to play. You can now just go to the site:

    Yes, after over 5 years of toil and trouble, I released it to the public...what am I thinking!

    Go play, I really hope you enjoy it as it's been a lot of work making it for you, and if you don't act grateful I'll have a tantrum!

    And if you do enjoy the game, all donations go to Jonathan Coulton and the
    person that funded the Jonathan Coulton it is. :)
  • This is really cool! There's a smart-talking inventory (or maybe it's something else talking and I misunderstood, but either way it's funny) and a video for Stroller Town and I really should stop and get some stuff done.

    If I save a game, is it only saved while I have the page open or can I save it and come back to it later somehow?
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    It has Paul and Storm in it! :D

    Edit: I had a conversation with them and they are just like the real Paul and Storm!
  • I'm a sucker for adventure games - working my way through, then will pass on some feedback!
  • I just finished it! That was really cool! I had to use a few hints but I think the difficulty level was just right. A little distracting from the other things I had planned to do today; when it said 'I haven't eaten all day' at some point, I realised that I actually hadn't, so I stopped playing for a little while to make some breakfast/afternoon tea.

    Somehow there was even a pirate joke I hadn't heard before.
  • Finished! Lots of fun. A couple of really minor issues with the subtitles, where they were cropped on the right hand side occasionally, and once they appeared waaaay up on the left. Some minor typos in the subtitles (draw instead of drawer, missing r from "your", etc.).

    Great help system - I had to use it a few times when I got a little stuck. I really like how you stuck so closely to song lyric content, including referencing it in the artwork in rooms, although I want to know more about the pants stuff the security guards were planning! :)

    Not sure what your end goals are - I think it's really good the way it is for general use. If you were going to go to market and try to sell it I'd probably have some suggestions about usability (e.g. sometimes getting the cursor just right on an object was tricky), but very impressed! Good job!
  • If you can remember where those typos were, I can go fix them. I really thought I'd got all the wrong spellings for "drawer", I just had another look and I can't find it.

    This is the end game. Free to play adventure game. Now I'm just trying to get people to see it.
  • I'll play through again and take better notes :)
  • Can I assume JoCo knows it's finished, and just hasn't got around to tweeting/blogging about it yet?
  • I haven't told him yet. I want to give it a few days to make sure everything is correct before I get the JoCo masses.

    I did tell him last week I would be launching this week though.
  • Getting to tell jokes to Paul and Storm, and getting blown off by Jonathan Coulton; it's like a dream come true, haha!

    Congrats on the release Kerrin!
  • As a beta tester of this game I can say with heartfelt sincerity that it was a great honor to have been involved in the making of this game. I was very impressed by it and everyone who's a JoCo fan should play it.
  • Thanks for all the praise guys.
    I just told Jonathan it's live, so he may tell the world, at which point the web site will go off-line due to load ;)
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