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Now that the cruise has come and gone (this is not a cruise thread, I swear), Jonathan and the band have been touring mostly the same set for about a year now. There have been some additions along the way (Space Doggity, Blue Sunny Day) and I think some songs are going to re-become live staples (A Talk with George w/Adam on Mandolin, I Feel Fantastic as set closer) but this is a thread where we request songs that the Band could play on upcoming tours.

I would love to hear full band versions of:
- Dance, Soterios Johnson, Dance
- Curl
- Betty and Me
- I Hate California


  • Now that I've heard The Princess Who Saved Herself live and in person, I think the only song currently on my live want list is My Beige Bear.  I wouldn't mind if it was band or acoustic, but I'd absolutely love to hear it.
  • I would definitely second My Beige Bear, though my personal number one to see/hear live is You Could Be Her.

    I see from the wiki that it's never been played live, so I'm probably out of luck. But band'd or acoustic, it'd be pretty great.
  • Any love for De-Evolving? I'd like to hear that one with the full band if only for the guitar solo.
  • I second Dance, Soterios Johnson, Dance, though JoCo rarely ever comes through the Midwest so the point is a little moot.
  • @Craig I'm a fan of De-Evolving. FYI, the guitar solo on that was played by Darin Strauss rather than JoCo. :-)
  • I think Stroller Town would work well with the band
  • I really have no business in this thread since I don't see the band much anyway and barely know what they currently do or could do, but you know what the band is missing? Some kind of wind instrument.

    My first thought (since A Laptop Like You can be played with just a guitar) was of Summer's Over, which I thought had some kind of wind instrument in it right at the beginning. And then I listened to it again and wondered whether that was even a wind instrument at all. I mean it could be an accordion for all I know. Maybe an accordion is a wind instrument. Regardless, it should be a clarinet. I like clarinets.

    I don't know why I'm even posting here. Here's a video of @Colleenky singing De-Evolving.
  • Accordions are classified as free reeds, I believe (as is my precious concertina), which I thought were classified separately from winds, but I am ridiculously under-informed on these things.

    Given how many of JoCo's recordings had either a real or fake accordion in them, I think the band could totally use an accordion player. Plus that means one fewer excuse to not play Big Dick Farts A Polka.

  • Well, melodica suffices for that. :)
  • NEVER! The lowly melodica can never stand against the mighty accordion! (Although I believe it is also a free-reed. The Melodica is the Cousin Oliver of the Free Reed Family.)

    Apropos of this topic, I would also like to see Furry Old Lobster performed at least once.

  • A melodica is just the most important half of an accordion.
  • The main song I want to hear him do with a full band is Brand New Sucker. I think they could really rock that one. 

  • I'd love to see Furry Old Lobster, I love that song!!!  And Betty and Me.  I've not seen Someone is Crazy but I'd like to.  I'm Having a Party....Not About You....Better...I have a long list  :)  I've too long been in the Midwest where he does not go!
  • One that just came up on my iPod which I realised would really need a band, and could sound great with the band he has: The Big Boom.
  • The Big Boom would be great! Maybe he could even have some pyrotechnics in the live show. ;-)
  • Or a giant boom mic!
  • Madeline would also make a great song for the band to play
  • It turns out that you aren't really attracted to Jonathan's music. You are attracted to his visuals!

  • @Robgonzo: He did Brand New Sucker (and I'm a Mason Now, and Overhead!) with a full band on JCCC4. Yes, he really rocked that one. I'm sure someone else will get video up before I do, so keep your eyes on the YouTubes.
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