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Hey all,


This spring/summer I will be filming a fairly intensive project that I feel many of you will be interested in.  I will be filming an internet-released miniseries based off of the music of Jonathan Coulton.  (Something comparable to Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog by Joss Whedon)


I've seen many comments on various sites asking for a JoCo musical, and I think I can bring it to life.  I am currently putting the finishing touches on the script.  As of now, I am planning on a 3 or 4 part series, with each section being about 15 minutes long.  (Depending on actual length I may break it up more or release it as a full movie, with no breaks.)


All of the music will be my own arrangement of Coulton's music.  The lyrics will stay faithful to the original, with only minor changes to fit character's names, locations, and budget.  Right now I have 9 songs that will be in the project.  I've selected a variety of new and old JoCo songs, and a good mix of super-popular and obscure songs as well.


Because this is a very big project, I'm asking for a little help from you all. 


This will be a very, very low-budget production.  We have all of the filming equipment we need to get the job done, and actors that are willing to work for experience instead of money.  My crew is accounted for, and we are busy recruiting extras.  Our musicians are excited to be on board. 

But, what I'll need help with is costuming and makeup prices, as well as a few extra dollars to lock down a few locations or feed my crew on a long day of shooting.  In all, I'm asking for $500 (although I'd be ecstatic with more).  I will be starting a Kickstarter within the next month once I finalize the script and schedule, to make sure I have an accurate figure.  I'm not begging by any means, but the more money I have to play with, the better the production will be!



I want this to be a collaborative effort.  Although I have the story finished in my head, if you have any songs or in-jokes that you feel NEED to be in this, please COMMENT so I can help make these a reality.  I really don't want to spoil the plot by saying which songs I am using, unless you all want to have it spoiled for you.  I mean, we're talking about Jonathan Coulton here, which means any adaptation could include anything from Bigfoot to Portal to Sea Monsters to Zombies to Overlord Robots to Tom Cruise!  I'd like to keep you guessing a little bit, but if you have suggestions, I'd love to hear them.



If you have any talents that you'd like to add to this project, PLEASE LET ME KNOW.  If you are a talented pianist, illustrator, motion graphics designer, social media wizard, actor, if you have great connections, etc, and want to be part of this project, YOU ARE OFFICIALLY INVITED.  I'm not sure as to what capacity I can coordinate your talents, but let me know and I'll see what I can do.  Like I said, I want this to be something we all can enjoy for many years.



I'm excited. Hopefully you're excited.  But, this will take time to put together.  The music is being recorded, the script is almost done... it feels good to have this project starting to get off its feet.  But, I'll need your patience as I finish preproduction, filming, and do all of my post-production magic.



In the meantime, the only other attempt at such a project I've seen is this video:  Many of you may have already seen it.  So, please watch and support this video!



Happy New Years to all of you as well!

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