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I've gotta say that this one hit close to home.  I had to learn it as soon as I heard it.  Made me realize how out of the loop I am in the jocoverse.  I also updated the chords for Christmas is Interesting because they've needed corrections for quite some time.  Let me know if anything doesn't make any sense at all in this world and enjoy.


  • Wow, thank you so much! This looks surprisingly straight forward for a JoCo song.
  • suuuupaadave, have we ever told you how delightful it is to have you helping us all out? Because it is! :D
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    @suuuupaadave I assume that when you write "F5" and "G5" you mean F modal (also called Fno3), etc.?

    I had been thinking that "2600" might sound good in DADGAD.
  • @BrettGlass The guitar chords commonly referred to as "power chords" are also known as "root 5 chords", thus the *5 notation. Root-fifth-octave. This type of chord doesn't show up in the basic music theory I know, but it's common in rock guitar because the same shape can be moved around the neck to make different chords.
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    Ah. If they're 1-5-1 with no 3, then they are indeed modal ("no3") chords. They occur a lot in ethnic music; for example, the open strings on a sitar or a bagpipe's drone (which I guess is the ultimate "power chord" because it was literally intended for use in war).
  • I love that these kind of discussions can come out of me posting a music transcription.  The best thing is that if there's something theory related that anyone(myself included) doesn't understand, there's almost always someone who can clear it all up.
  • yeah, string theory can be confusing.
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    So can note-trinos. Hard to get the rhythm right when they travel into the future. (Fortunately, it's gonna be the future soon.) ;-)
  • You guys are funny! Thanks
    suuuupaadave for all you do!
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