Christmastime is Wunnerful

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I started tabbing this song out on ukulele and have most of the main melody line. Any help you can provide, as I am still remarkably bad at this, would be helpful.

Part 1

(It sounds like you strike the open G with every note for this part)

Part 2 


There is another note plucked for some notes in this part, either a G or an A?

Part 3 - D


This part I am not really sure about at all. I do not know if it goes up to D or I am just imagining it.

It sounds like the progression is basically G-C-D (especially once all the instruments come in), but it also sounds like the banjo is playing a more complex chord progression when it comes in for the second verse.


  • @aliceandstuff I'm not so good with tabs. If I were to put this in lead sheet format (melody line with chords), would that be helpful?
  • It's easy to translate from lead sheets to tabs, so I encourage doing whatever you are not comfortable with.
  • @Colleenky Yes, that is probably better. I do not have an easy way to create (write?) sheet music so I tend to do things in tabs (also I am an idiot who knows nothing about music theory).
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    @aliceandstuff I've started notating this. So far, I've got the intro and the first few bars where the vocals come in. (I think that's what you're calling "part 1"?) I'm working in NoteWorthy Composer, which is an inexpensive notation program. I've uploaded the .nwc file here. You can download a free viewer here to look at and listen to the file. The notation is a little funky with the tied notes, because unfortunately, NWC is not terribly elegant in its notation of complex rhythms. Probably won't be able to get back to this until Tuesday at the earliest.
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    @Colleenky I kind of forgot about this. Jonathan showed me how he plays it live after the NYC Christmas show which I think differs from the record so I am curious to see what you come up with.

    The three parts in my original post correspond to the first, second and then final times "Christmas time is wonderful, wonderful with you Christmas time" are sung for each pass of the round and correspond to the G - C G - D G progression which repeats through the song.
  • He showed you how he plays it? Coolness! :-)

    Re your three parts, that's what I was thinking. Thanks for clarifying.
  • Yeah! The conclusion I came to was to not try to match the recording so much as just play what sounds good along with the D progression for part 3 :D

    If there is an open-mic again, my hope is to get the entire ukulele melee and everyone who brought an instrument to play and sing along to this song as part of it.
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