JoCo in St. Petersburg FL on Dec 8, 2012

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I'll be there ... anyone else here planning to go?


  • Drat! I'll be out of state that weekend! 
  • I bought my ticket a while ago and will be attending! :)
  • My mom will be attending this - her first JoCo show!
  • Mother of yay!
  • Anyone have a setlist, or show report?!
  • I have video of all but 2 songs from John Roderick.  Only just decompressing today but I'll have stuff ready in the next few days, barring unforseen circumstances.
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    There is no possible way this could have been a better experience for me.
    1. I won the chance to spend happy hour before the show on the tour bus with the band
    2. I got a great spot in the venue to watch the show
    3. I met a bunch of other amazing fans (BritanyK4Ever, Clint Eastwolf, and Pahonix)
    4. I got to hear the world performance premiere of "Wikipedia Chanukah" (on the first night of Chanukah)
    5. I was given the sound board copy of the set list
    6. I opened an early Christmas present from my sister - the "One Christmas at a Time" deluxe gift box

  • Thank you!!
  • "I got to heard the world performance premiere of "Wikipedia Chanukah""

  • Yes, there was a surprise performance of Wikipedia Chanakah. :)  I'm still working on the audio from the concerts - the bass at the State Theater in St. Pete was craaanked, and I've got some mild audio distortion from it.  It still sounds good, but I've got to go in and hand-massage every set that had drums involved as a result.

    A little patience goes a long way.  I'll get these posted soon, but it's just going to take a little audio engineering to make it so your speakers don't explode when you try to watch them. :/
  • @aliceandstuff I think it was Roderick who tweeted about Wikipedia Chanukah being on the setlist. It sounded ridiculous so of course I expected it to be true.
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    Here's the setlist from JoCo's part of the program:

  • @ePeterson2 That sounds like a fan-tastic show. 
    @Icemage Very much looking forward to hearing these! Thanks for taking the time to clean them up.
  • @Icemage Any progress with the videos? I'd love to watch 'em!
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