John Roderick and Friends, Seattle, Mon 10/29

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Via the blog: John Roderick will be playing the Showbox in Seattle next Monday, with guests Merlin Mann, John Hodgman, Scott Simpson and Jonathan Coulton. Tickets $20 advance, $25 day-of.

Anyone else planning to go?


  • I should make it in time with my trusty road trip sidekick (not a forum member.) @jadegordon and @elliomeg also have tickets. Anyone already chimed in who I'm forgetting?
  • And does anyone want to meet for dinner or drinks pre-concert? I'll be on my own and would love company and a recommendation on where to eat (since per the Showbox website "The Green Room Bar will not be open prior to 8:30pm doors for this show due to a private event.")

  • How DO Sea Monkeys and JoCo fans find each other in a crowd/public place when t-shirts and fezzes are nowhere to be found?
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    Fezzes aren't that common, but geeky T-shirts certainly arrrr.
  • It feels like this event is a good one for dressing up, so I dunno about T-shirts.
  • So, I'm ready for the show! If you skip to the end of this page, you can have a general idea what I look like if you want to say hi!
  • @elliomeg I'd be up for dinner someplace, although I probably can't get to Pike Place until sometime after 6:30 (hopefully soon thereafter).
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    @Bry Excellent! I was trying to think of a place nearby where we could meet. I think there's a Starbucks near the corner of Pike & First... Could we meet there after 6:30? I can sit, drink coffee and use their Wifi to check messages, tweets, etc (since I try not to use my phone due to the ridiculous roaming rates I get charged every time I cross the border).

    @JadeGordon. I am a fan of your art and definitely want to say hi. Thanks for posting a link to your pics - I'll see if I can find one to show as well, so we have a better shot at recognizing each other without fezzes (fez?) or geeky T-shirts to help.. 

    ETA I can't find any photos of me on-line (since my preference is to be the photographer, not the subject) but you can see me in this video starting at about 0:24. (I promise I won't wear sunglasses to the show!)
  • Sent a PM/DM/message to @elliomeg with contact info; twit at "@vaguelyamusing" if you need to get my attention between now and the show.
  • HOORAY meeting people! Sorry if I was having a tough time communicating, the disabled seating is generally next to a speak so I have earplugs, but then it is hard to gauge my own volume. I sound like I'm yelling to ME. ^_~;;
  • Agreed - hooray for meeting people!
    I got to have a long visit (including dinner) with @Bry, whose company I enjoyed immensely. Unfortunately my lack of sleep due to trying to do too much had caught up with me by the end of the night - I did not manage to stay to the very end for a SeaMonkey photo or chat with everyone I had wanted to after the show. @JadeGordon it was nice to meet you albeit briefly and I hope to chat with you more (and see more art) next time I make a Seattle show. As usual for a JoCo show, everyone I talked with was interesting and nice and, as usual for me when I meet more than 2 people, I've forgotten forum handles for most of you. All in all an excellent time and show. :)
  • So, here is the playlist of what I managed to get, including another song from the Christmas album!
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