Drinking With You on piano?

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I've been trying to work out 'Drinking With You' on the piano, but I'm still a beginner and all I've really managed to do is exasperate myself. Can anyone help me out? My boyfriend listens to JoCo non-stop and was obsessed with this song when we first started dating, so I want to be able to play it for him.


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    While this isn't for piano, if you understand tab, this could help:

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    I'll add my voice to @Sycamorian's request and also beg that whoever helps us out does so in the form of a video-tutorial, as I can't read sheet music... :S
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    Ooh, I'd also love a video tutorial of this. (ETA: If it's the kind of thing even a poor piano player can play with one hand.)
  • "Drinking With You" is not an ideal song for piano because it has a very "fingerpicked guitar" feel to it. Could be done on uke, though.
  • It sounds really nice on the uke too. Used to be one of my favorites to play.
  • Today With Your Wife would be good to have some piano-instruction for, though...
  • ^ Today With Your Wife would be amazing to have some piano instruction for. I'm going to hold out hope on help for Drinking With You, though, as I don't have a guitar or uke to speak of - but thanks, everyone, for your input! I appreciate it.
  • I've done Today With Your Wife on piano. Not very hard. Listen to the video with the harpist for a nice, clear rendition of the chords.
  • Any particular variations on the chords that you took note of, or is it just vanilla chords with some flourishes?
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    The chords and bass line on "Today With Your Wife" are crafted just so, so I did few chord mods on it. Watch for the "demolished" chord at the end of the fourth bar.
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