Denver Band Show 2012-11-28

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Who will be at JoCo's first-ever band show in Denver on the 28th of November? Jonathan doesn't like to play at high altitudes because of the lack of oxygen (altitude also dries out mucous membranes, so singers often discover that they suddenly need water). But hopefully he will allow himself a day or two to acclimatize, rather than flying in a few hours before as he did last time, in which case he should be fine. Show is at the Soiled Dove Underground. No word on guests or an opening act yet.

My advice is to book soon. The way they're arranging the room (not my favorite scheme), seating is limited. If you don't get one of the reserved seats or tables you'll have to stand in the General Admission "pit" (which they will be clearing of tables) for the whole show.

Tip: Don't select "best section" (the default) at the link above. If you do, the ticketing software (which rates sections by closeness to the stage) will try to put you in the pit with no reserved seat. Instead, pick one of the sections above and behind the pit, where you'll have a reserved seat and table service at no extra cost. You can always walk down to the pit to dance or zombify. (Wife: "Is that a word?" Me: "It is now!")


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    Bumping this thread because the Denver show is now 17 days away. Who's going? Recently found out that JoCo will be coming in by bus from Salt Lake City, which is at 4,000 feet, so he'll be at least somewhat adjusted to the altitude. Still no info on guests or an opening act yet, though the Soiled Dove Web site does say "with special guest." Tables are still available toward the back, probably because the site's awful software steered many ticket purchasers away from reserving tables.
  • John Roderick said something about coming on the tour in a recent Roderick on the Line. 
  • I certainly hope JoRo will be there! They won't really be able to promote the Christmas album without him.
  • 5 more days until #JoCoDesertBusCrazy wends its way from Los Angeles to San Diego to Salt Lake City to Denver. This will be fun. Hope they're bringing their Christmas t-shirt in a men's S.
  • Are they selling those T-shirts at shows? I thought they might be exclusive to the gift boxes, but then, people thought the same thing about Artificial Heard records.
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    They will probably have the gift boxes on the tour, and if they do they will have to have a stock of t-shirts of all sizes to sell with them. Do not know if the shirts will be sold separately, but I don't see why they wouldn't.
  • Looks like all of the seats for Denver are sold out, leaving only General Admission -- standing room in the pit. This means they'll make good money on the show.
  • I'll be there, got a nice seat at a table in the middle of the floor. I can't decide between my 'Come Visit Beautiful Skullcrusher Mountain' or 'Aperture Laboratories' t-shirt...such dilemma!
  • @brettglass Review! What should expect when I see them on Sunday? 
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    Good review of Denver show is here.
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    Here's my best recall of the setlist. In the general order, but not quite, and I'm probably forgetting something, so somebody help me out :)

    Code Monkey

    Big Bad World One

    Sticking it to Myself

    Want You Gone

    Blue Sunny Day

    Good Morning Tuscon

    A Talk With George

    Space Doggity

    Christmas in July (with John Roderick)

    2600 (with John Roderick)

    One Christmas at a Time (with John Roderick)

    Shop Vac

    Skullcrusher Mountain (sung by Scarface)


    You Ruined Everything

    Still Alive

    Je Suis Rick Springfield

    E: Mr. Fancy Pants

    Re: Your Brains

    I Feel Fantastic

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