The infamous "Foreign Floor Candy" at Union Chapel

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For those of you at the London show, especially the couple who went up to me and asked where i bought the pipes due to the urge of making licorice pipethrowing a thing.,aps,245&rh=i:aps,k:licorice+pipes


  • Ultimately, since I went to the later shows as well, licorice penisthrowing became the thing, but it was nice to not have to take the blame for all the floor candy at that show. Especially since 'pipe' is French slang for blow job. I picked them up locally at the panty store but these are the things:

    At Bristol, several of them were thrown but Storm was not successful at catching them in his mouth.
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    Especially since 'pipe' is French slang for blow job.
    That's going to change how I look at this from now on.
  • Can you use that in a sentence, @mtgordon? :)
  • Ceci n'est pas sexual relations with that woman.
  • Hugh Hefner is often depicted in a silk robe with a pipe.
  • While I was in England, a letter arrived from the novelty panty store with a voucher for free fruit-flavoured willies or boobs with any purchase over 20 francs. I think they're onto me.
  • I think you should take that deal. Get a larger arsenal of floor candy.
  • Hmm, I guess it depends how long the candy lasts. But if you're going to eat floor candy, you probably don't care if it's year-old floor candy. Also, Paul (who doesn't like real licorice) would be able to partake of the fruity penises. Or boobs. Yeah, maybe they'd like boobs better.
  • I'd love to know what left the battery behind at Manchester...
  • @st_trousers and if they ever managed to find the Jaffa Cakes

    Andy has decided that we must pack Jaffa Cakes for the cruise (not sure if this is because they are one of his favourite snacks or if he's hoping to bribe P&S with them.... )

  • I can find Jaffa Cakes in the British Foods section of my local HEB (Cypress, Texas), so they can't be THAT hard to come by... ;)
  • Haha! I can't wait for the rest of the concert :D
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    Second liquorice pipe

    They're like some kind of machine that turns random thrown objects into jokes, except the machine has malfunctioned so it spews out free jokes all over the place even when nobody has thrown anything in, and nobody is quite sure what it makes them out of but if we could figure out how it worked we could cleanly power a city three bajillion times the size of Monstropolis. (I guess recycling jokes has something to do with it.)
  • @autojim what hard to come by in my part of Texas is an HEB! I miss it!

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    Third liquorice pipe, where it was actually called foreign floor candy oops, I saw that another video had started uploading, and assumed this one had finished, when in fact there was a network error. I'll get it up soon.

    Unfortunately, I made a mistake cutting my video into songs and accidentally saved Tom Cruise Crazy over the top of the entire 16-minute video file it was part of (though the file is still 3.9GB, so I still have hope that I merely changed something in the header saying where the start/endpoint is and I can somehow recover it; does anyone know anything about the inner workings of Quicktime files?) This was after saving the other songs from that file, so the only thing I lost was a little snippet between this one and Tom Cruise Crazy, which I had initially planned to stick at the start of Tom Cruise Crazy but then realised would be best at the end of this floor candy bit.

    Anyway, in the bit that was lost, Jonathan starts talking about the crushing burden of fame, and how they, as famous people, are so different from us. He says that, for example, famous people don't throw floor candy, and Paul (I think; or maybe it was Storm) responds, 'famous people eat floor candy!'

    Then they go on to talk about this famous guy named Tom Cruise, but that's in the next video.
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    Okay, now the third floor candy video is up.
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