Stockholm show: September 17, 2012

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  • Someone at the back of the theater yelled something at Paul and Storm during their set.
    Paul quipped, "when did we open the comments-section on this show?"
    Unable to resist the temptation, I yelled "FIRST!", thus fulfilling my life-long dream of being The Guy Paul Flips Off During the Show.

    Seriously, though, they were an absolute delight. By stomping, shouting and seriously chafing our hands, we were able to call them out for an extra encore after the official encore, and we were richly rewarded with Big Bad World One and a completely acoustic, unplugged rendition of Always The Moon.

    Let's see... what little of the setlist I can remember...

    Started with IKEA, because obviously he had to get that out of the way. He did Sticking It To Myself, and I think one other song before going into a straight up Sadaggeddon of sad songs because Stockholm had apparently been requesting Sad Songs on Twitter. He did I'm Your Moon and Drinking With You for sure, plus two more I can't recall.
    Once Paul and Storm rejoined the gaggle he used them on one sad song, then there was some Tom Cruise Crazy and Creepy Doll and I Feel Fantastic.
    The official encore was First of May, seguing into Sweet Caroline.

    After the show, Coulton was ambushed on the way to the merch-table by hordes of slavering zombies, all of whom wanted to take their picture with him. He wasn't done by the time I left. For all I know he could still be there, getting photographed. For my part I bought Artificial Heart for him to sign, and got him and Paul and Storm to sign my entry-tickets.
  • Oh, and ABBA is the only band in Sweden.
  • I would have loved to see a Joco Sadaggeddon! 

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    Awwwwww Always the Moon unplugged is the best! :D Glad you got a real encore, and they felt wanted enough to do one. JoCo tweeted some happy things about it, which I would link to if I weren't already far too late for bed. Sadageddon is the name of my emo band.

    Edit: Panties were thrown, right? Please tell me panties were thrown. I'm going to guess five pairs.
  • Show starts, Paul & Storm are AWESOME, panties are thrown (two pair), Write like the wind is played (me=very happy), short version of The Captains wifes lament ends the P & S set. Intermission. JoCo starts off with IKEA, Sadaggedon begins (because Swedes=sad loving people), baby sitter calls, cab drives very fast, boy stops crying, I miss rest of show (me= very sad Swede indeed).
  • By 'short version' do you mean only ten minutes?

    Sorry you had your own private Sadageddon. :/ I hope it didn't ruin everything.
  • Well, Paul and Storm didn't have access to their usual reference-library of creative ARRs, so it ran a bit shorter than usual, yeah :P
  • Were they saving up their creative arrrs for Talk Like A Pirate Day? (On which they're for some reason not doing any shows. Dejected arrr.)
  • The pirate-song is long enough as it is. I don't think any of us want to see what happens if they tempt the Pirate Singularity :P
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