PAX Prime 2012

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Apologies if a similar thread already exists (couldn't find one but my search-fu is weak).

When I couldn't sleep after the Coulton concert at PAX last night, I started uploading videos.

Links added as videos are processed:

Feel Like Making Love:

Fancy Pants:


  • I'm standing right in front of Mr. Coulton.  (Completely unintentional).

    I kind of felt like he was staring at me during the whole concert.  I was the only person in the front row with a level 4 shirt on, and had asked him on the first day to sign my black shirt with a black fabric marker.
  • I was awake all night at a demoparty, so I watched the live stream of this starting at about half past five in the morning (that's an hour earlier than the earliest concert I've been to in person.) :) It was a nice bonus, since I didn't even know about this concert until @mrgoldenbrown alerted me that I could watch @aliceandstuff try to win something just before it. I thought about posting the link here but I couldn't find an existing PAX thread and for some reason I'm reticent to start entirely new threads. So I just tweeted too much instead. I looked for people I knew in the crowd, but the crowd shots were too quick so I didn't find anyone.

    My first PAX concert! \o/
  • It was a fantastic concert! Feel like making love blew the roof off. P&S lead a tribute to Neil Armstrong, performing Rocketman, that was wonderful. P&S also did a hilarious faux-TED talk about 'crossing the line'. I was in the second row of the balcony and spied Chicazul front and center next to the stage.
  • Could you guys post more. Here in Brazil, it's very difficult to go to PAX! Did he sing "Want You Gone" and "A Talk With George"?
  • @Khorino No "Want You Gone" or "A Talk With George".  I have more videos to upload (wifi at the Sheraton was awful) but won't get to them until later this week. For those who may have missed the live-streaming that @Angelastic watched, the entire concert is here (Paul & Storm's set starts at about 41 minutes in; Jonathan's starts at about 2:09).
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