John Hodgman with special guest Jonathan Coulton in Boston November 3rd.

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JoCo will be doing something with John Hodgman in November at the Wilbur.  I know from a Facebook comment thread that a few other folks (Tim Mentzer, Keith Thompson, and Mark Gordon) already have tickets.  @aliceandstuff just tweeted that she bought ticket as well.  I am in 
section SEC B, row 7, seat 8, which I think is close but not actually near anybody I'll know :-)  Who else is going?


  • They are tables and the row is the table number.  I believe you will have your back to Keith and my backs.  If you've never been there it is pretty tight.  I don't like the setup much.  Mark will be at the next table over from me, so we are all in the same general area.
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    Patrick and I just got tickets. It's the slightest bit TBD ... my cousin is having a wedding thing in Boston that day, and his mom THINKS it's a lunchtime thing, but if it turns out to be evening we'll have two tickets to find a home for.

    We're also in section B.
  • @villicious awesome!  I hope the scheduling works out for you.  As we get closer to the date maybe we can see if people want to get dinner before or afterwards.  
  • Got the cousin's invite today, and it's a lunchtime thing! So we're on for the show.
  • I am going to this show and the show the night before in Northampton, MA as well. I believe @simalot and Colombe will be at the Northampton show as well. Hodgmania 2012!
  • I also have tickets for both Northampton and Boston shows.
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