The Brady Bunch's Eve “Jan” Plumb Covers “Skullcrusher Mountain”

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Somebody posted this to the JoCo FB page, and it is all kinds of awesome:


  • Wow...this is going in my WTF? pile!

  • @robgonzo my thoughts exactly.
  • Uhhhh....
  • I'm not sure if I'm seeing the WTF. I mean she gets the tune and rhythm wrong at points but that's not really WTF-worthy. Is it just that you wouldn't expect her to sing that? I'd have thought she'd be just as likely to sing it as any random person.
  • I think it's more of a worlds collide moment, and she does get the crowd laughing. Of course, it does make sense that Jan Brady would've been a JoCo fan. She was one of the original TV geeks.
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    omg. I love this.

    I love that she put her own flavor into it.
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