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So, do images go through your heads when you listen to JoCo songs? Almost certainly, but post them here in any case! :)

(Also, yes, I'm aware that my Alone At Home interpretation is different than originally intended, and that I changed a couple of lyrics. But the song really resonates with me for some reason, and this is a "personal reaction" type of thread right from the get-go.)

(We see a close-up on the face of a teenage boy with a wide, fake smile) I am glad to be shopping here with you
(Now there's a wider shot of his family. His father looks much, much closer to him in terms of physical appearance than his mother, his younger sister, or his older brother and sister. In fact, you would tend to assume that he's only related to his father. The boy's entire family is smiling too, and though their smiles also look fake, they seem to be in much deeper denial.) I will sit on this chair til you're through
(A shot focusing on the boy again, desperately pleading but still smiling as he tries to come up with an excuse to stay behind.) I will wait with your purse
(The smile fades as he realizes he's not getting what he wants.) I won't wander off and leave it
(The rest of the family isn't buying it. They drag him out of the car.) I am glad to be shopping here with you
(Quick cuts between shots of the entire family, still smiling, except for the boy, who is now in angsty-teenage mode, shopping throughout the store) And you know I'll be fine by myself because
I also am alone at home
(We very briefly linger on a shot of the boy trying to contain himself.) I'm alone at home
(Shot of the boy and his family, surrounded by shelves full of candles. The mother asks the boy a question.) I would love to swing by the candle store
(He nods with his fake smile.) I agree we can always do with more
(He continues the smile as he sees the others begin to shovel candles into a cart.) You just get what you want
(Cut to a shot in the car. The candles practically take up more space than the boy, and they have all been placed on top of him.) And we'll find someplace to keep it
(Zoom in on the boy trying and failing to keep a cheerful look on his face.) I would love to swing by the candle store
(He gives up and throws off all of the candles, changing the scene to a surreal music video landscape with a black background, where the boy grabs an oversized guitar and lipsynchs to the music track.) And you know I'll make room for your shit because
I always am alone at home
I'm alone at home
(The boy tries to catch the attention of his smiling father, who can't see him because he's still in reality and not in the music video place like the boy.) No I don't want you to make it up to me
(The father is getting further away, and the window into reality becomes clouded by the apperance of the rest of the family) I just don't want anyone to see the way we are when we're this way
(The boy is desperate for his father to hear him, but it fails.) Can we just not make this a thing?
(Cut to a different shot, of the boy with his full fake smile again.) We can stop at your parents' on the way
(Cut to a shot of the mother, terrified and tied up, and then cut to a different shot of the boy, still fake-smiling, killing her with a knife.) We haven't seen them at all since yesterday
(Quickly cut between shots of him killing his older sister in a similar way.) We can talk about plans
(Quickly cut between shots of him also killing his older brother, and then finally about to do the same to his younger sister.) For your cousin's birthday party
(Cut back to reality, with him in the car covered in candles, snapping awake. At first he looks relieved that it was just a daydream, but then he briefly looks dissapointed.) We can stop at your parents' on the way
(He looks out the window, and sees something that makes him extremely happy.) And you know I'll pretend to be nice because
(Cut to a shot of the boy running into his house and slamming the door) I get to be alone at home
(Cut to a sped-up shot following the boy as he runs downstairs to his room.) I'm alone at home
(Cut to a shot of the boy in his room, listening to "Alone At Home" by Jonathan Coulton on his laptop on his bed. His room has no windows.) I'm alone at home
(Finally cut to a shot of his family, all looking confused and staring at the boy's closed door) I'm alone at home

So, yeah! Feel free to share what Jonathan Coulton songs make YOU see! :)

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