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  • Re-reading the Dresden Files.... just... 'cause.... :)
  • So I stay away for a bit and people start trashing Anathem. I loved that book. Actually not found a Stephenson book I've not liked yet.
    I mentioned a while back that I was reading Wool by Hugh Howey. I'd recommend it. The whole series actually is good. I just read the first of the Molly Fyde series and I'm less impressed tho. I'll finish the series out tho.
    I spent a wonderful few months reading the three books of the Gentleman Bastard series but Scott Lynch. Those books are really awesome. Loved them.
    Also the Patrick Rothfuss books The Name of the Wind and The Wise Man's Fear are really good too.
    Someone recommended Lev Grossman's The Magicians to me. Someone now owes me an apology. Ugh. 
  • I like Anathem a lot more now that I've read a couple more Stephenson books. I feel like I understand a little bit better what he was trying to do. I still find the ending unsatisfying. 

    I recently read Leaving Home by Garrison Keillor. I think I picked it up after hearing Hodgman recommend it on his podcast. Or somewhere. Anyway, I'm really glad I read it. The series of short pieces about a town reminded me very much of one of my other favorite books, Bradbury's Dandelion Wine. The worlds that are fleshed out through the characters in both books are comfortable.

    I'll be finishing up Slaughterhouse-Five here in the next couple of days. Enjoying it a lot.
  • I just inhaled "The Dog Stars".  Very quick read, very worthwhile read if you like apocalyptic stories.  This one was more human than portions of WWZ.  I'm heading to a writing symposium in Colorado Springs next month where Mira Grant will be speaking.  I'm alternately thrilled and terrified. 
  • Somehow, I found myself simultaneously reading two books involving wars and dragons? Seraphina and Shadow Scale, both by Rachel Hartmann, are simply top notch if you want some excellent worldbuilding, and a good chunk of music history geeking. The Temeraire series, by Naomi Novik, on the other hand, is pretty much the Napoleonic Wars, but with dragons. Snarky, hilarious dragons. Which is really the only endorsement it needs, yes?
  • :) I'm good with snarky humor, gingerblivet!  Thanks for the recommendations.
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    drinking down The Name of the Wind series (Kingkiller Chronicle?) by Patrick Rothfuss like a flood

  • Just finished book 4 of the Mercedes Lackey Secret Worlds Chronicle and eagerly awaiting the next book. Unlike some other chronicles, her books come out at a steady rate of one per year, and I anticipate there may be ~2 more in the series. https://www.goodreads.com/series/96103-the-secret-world-chronicles
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